Ariana aka Cleo aka Teddy is Harry Style's half sister at 18 her world is already full among other things that may just ruin her friendship with Louis Tomlinson will the tail get in the way or will Eleanor?


5. Sing it out loud

I got out of the car, walking into Mum's house where 5 boys sat on the couch running over I to the boys when I crashed and fell face first the boys laughed jumping on me I groaned as their weight pulled me back to the floor.

"Are you guys fecking serious get off of me." I said trying to breathe

"Guys get off of her I want my baby sister back in one piece." Gemma said sitting her keys on the bench they nodded getting up and I sat up breathing when Louis sat down I jumped on his lap.

"Well Hello love." Louis said

I smirked. "Hey Babe."

"Oh Cleo stop flirting with Louis." Harry said

I grinned at Harry and got threw my legs over Liam and Zayn. "You gonna tell me to get my legs off of them two?"

"No because I don't see why I bother anymore."

Louis laughed. "Same with Charlotte and Niall but they never listen to me hey Niall."

Instead Niall looked down at his phone. "Good because Lottie just texted me."

Louis got up and I laughed.

"Niall you better run." I said he got up but I got in front of Louis.

"Don't." I said

Instead he threw me over his shoulder and ran outside it was until I saw where he was taking me that I started panicking.

"GEMMA HELP!" I screamed

Gemma and the boys came running out Gemma screamed and Louis put me down I stood at the edge of the pool wiping my eyes.

"Why is she scared of water all of a sudden she used to be a nationalist." Harry said

Then all I heard Niall say was ."I don't know but let's find out."

Suddenly a loud bang filled my ears and it was only then that I realised that I was at the bottom of the pool I opened my eyes and saw the bubbled starting to fade, there at the bottom of the pool was a mermaid......................... The Mermaid was me I swam up holding onto the Edge of the pool suddenly all 6 figures were standing around me and I looked up instead I sighed.

"What the feck?" Niall asked in shocked

"There you have it boys there's your reason as to why I didn't want to go into the water are you happy I'm a fish." I said

"How did it happen?" Louis asked

"I don't know how it happened a couple of days ago I went for a walk on Mako, fell in and then woke up to this when I had a bath now look where it got me." I said

"Holy Shit." Harry said shocked

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