Ariana aka Cleo aka Teddy is Harry Style's half sister at 18 her world is already full among other things that may just ruin her friendship with Louis Tomlinson will the tail get in the way or will Eleanor?


21. Psychotic Dreams

I sat in the bath, my tail flipping in annoyance as Louis rubbed my back laughing as I groaned my headache pounding against my skull.

“I told you not to drink.” He said chuckling at my rotten hangover. “Come on let’s get you out or do you want someone to come in and see that tail of yours?”

I laughed splashing him with water. “Help  out.”

He smirked standing up and trying to help me out by the time he helped me out we were both lying on the floor.

“You know if you weren’t part fish right not this might actually be hot.” He said getting up I laughed mockingly and ran my fist over my tail watching as the steam soaked up my tail and my legs form again.

I stood up brushing myself off, Louis took my hand and lead me somewhere.

“If you didn’t think it was such a big deal, you wouldn’t be screaming at me right now!” I spat back, but Merle only laughed.

“You’re just upset over tha boy ‘cuz you’re probably just fuckin’ his father,”.

My head shot back as my eyebrows rose in shock.

Without holding back, my palm reached up and smacked Merle in the face, his head whipping to the side.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” I muttered, my voice quiet.

Taking a deep breath as an attempt to calm himself down, he threw his one arm up in the air in surrender and turned to walk away.

“You’re seriously going to just walk away from me?” I asked him, annoyed; leave it to Merle to walk away.

“Ain’t gonna waste ma time arguing with a prissy little bitch,” he snarled, but didn’t bother looking at me.

I didn’t want him to get the last word; he couldn’t win. My hips jutted out to one side as I threw my hands on my hips.

“Oh, right I forgot. You’re just a scared little asshole who can’t do shit unless it comes to beating on your little brother. Must’ve escaped my mind,”.

Even though it had sounded okay in my mind, as soon as the words left my mouth, I regretted them; as soon as Merle stopped dead in his tracks, I knew that I had gone too far.

Before I knew it, Merle spun around and lunged at me, his arms outstretched. I tried to jump out of the way, but his strides were much larger than mine.

Before my vision blurred, I saw Daryl reaching for Merle’s arms, but that was before a loud crack emanated from my jaw, throwing me to the floor. My eyes were rolling as my head hit the dirt ground with a thud, a wave of nausea washing over me.

“What the fuck, Merle?!” I heard someone shout, but the voice was far away.

When my eyesight became somewhat clearer, I could see Daryl leaning over me, his hand against my cheek.

“You okay, darlin’?” he asked me, but I couldn’t find my voice to respond.

My head rolled to the side, where I could see Merle staring at me, panting heavily. His eyes were filled with regret; wasn’t he the one who had told me he didn’t believe in hitting women?

"Listen, Arianna. I may say and do a lotta things.. But hurting a woman 'gainst her will is somethin' I would never do, hear me?".

Yeah. He had said that.

“You said.. You said, that you would never hurt me against my will...” I tried to say, even though it was probably just a jumbled mess.

Through a fuzzy haze, I saw Merle’s eyes pop open in surprise, as if he thought that I had forgotten his apology out by the abandoned cars at the highway.

“You promised me,” I coughed, choking on a small bit of blood that had run down my throat.

His gaze turned down towards the blood that I was spitting up, guilt raining over his face.

“Cleo..” he started, but caught himself.

Wasn’t that what all Dixons did? They had to protect their pride.

“You’re just as psychotic as your damn brother,” Merle sneered before hesitantly deciding to walk off. I tried to chuckle at the remark, but I only coughed more.

“I’m getting Shane,” Daryl told me, but I shook my head no as much as I could.

“Please, don’t.. He has too much. Too much going on; he’ll freak,” I pleaded with him, and I could barely see him thinking it over.

Eventually, he picked me up with a grunt and headed for what I believed was his tent.

“Isn’t Merle..?” I asked him, not wanting to see Merle right now.

“If you’re staying in ma tent to stay away from Shane, Merle’s getting the truck,”.

I snapped awake, my breathing heavy as sweat dripped down my forehead, I sat up looking around at my surroundings trying to figure out my surroundings to see if I was in the tent with the guys I had never met but I was still in my same bed, Louis fast asleep beside me.

“Are you okay?” Louis mumbled sitting up a little bit rubbing his eyes.

“Yeah.” I said practically trying to catch my breath. “Just a bad nightmare.” It was just that I rubbed my eyes and remembered what today was and why the curtains were dark and the house was covered basically. “Go back to sleep.”

Without a word he turned and was snoring I shook my head standing up and lazily treading out of my room and into the kitchen where I grabbed a glass cup and turned to the tap turning on the water I couldn’t help but see something in the plate in the sink that held my attention.

Instead of putting my cup under the tap I dropped the glass on the floor letting it smash and moved my hand to the dark curtain taped there to protect me where my hands gripped it and I pulled it away blind sighted by what I saw as the moon sung to me in more than one way I couldn’t help but stare at it.

I smiled looking away feeling the urge to go into the Ocean to go to Mako Island I turned on my heel walking down the steps desperate for the water to swallow me as I ran without thinking and diving straight off the Jetty and letting the water swallow me.

Louis’s POV

“Harry! Liam! We need to get to Mako now!” I shouted running out with the others and jumping on the boat with the other 2.

“I thought the reason we stayed was to keep her away from the full moon.” Liam said shocked.

“She had a nightmare she must have seen something that tempted her it was the smashing glass that woke me up.” Harry said.

“So what now?” Liam asked me as we steered towards Mako.

“We stop her before she does anything bad.”

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