Ariana aka Cleo aka Teddy is Harry Style's half sister at 18 her world is already full among other things that may just ruin her friendship with Louis Tomlinson will the tail get in the way or will Eleanor?


22. Mako

3rd Person

“Don’t do anything stupid.” Liam said as he stepped forward staring at the girl who shared the same green eyes, same wavy brown hair and the same dimples as Harry but at that moment the girl Louis loved looked brainwashed but of course she was she was under the influence of the moon she laughed at Liam the sound making the boys flinch and turned to face them her back no longer facing the boys.

“You don’t know stupid.” She said her eyes so empty and evil. “Oh wait, you are stupid.” She growled and with a flick of her hand Liam was lying against the wall groaning at the impact of when he smashed into the wall trying to breath.

“Don’t do this.” Niall said slightly scared by what could happen, Liam looked up from the ground trying to get up but she had some sort of power over him, one that wouldn’t let him up.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” She said using water to smash Niall into the rocks knocking the Irish boy out cold and leaving Louis a smirk kind of smile spreading across at her face.

“Hello Louis.” She said the look in her eyes slightly scaring him this wasn’t her and he knew he had to change her he had to figure out how to stop the full moons effects slightly she raised her hand making Louis frantically look behind him as a 3 headed type of snake made out of water rose up behind him all 3 of their water heads hissing at him. “I’ve been looking forward to seeing you.”

“Arianna.” He spoke hoping the thing behind him wouldn’t kill him. “Cleo.” He said thinking of the names that they used and it made him wonder why they called her 3 names it was stupid. “Teddy.” He softly said hoping she hadn’t heard that one but her eyes raged and she growled at the nickname teddy.

Lightning struck inside coming from outside making Louis nearly fall in surprise looking at her. “This isn’t you.” He said practically pleading with the mermaid.

She cackled a kind of evil type of laugh that made Louis scared to the core. “You don’t know me.” Her eyes moved up to the water snake behind Louis and a smile spread on her face. “As much as I want these guys to kill you I really need to do this myself.” She said dropping the hand that held the monster the thing collapsing and smashing into a pile of water drenching Louis before Louis could react his head was hanging over the edge of the moon pool and Arianna was holding his neck choking the life out of him trying to push him in.

“You want to go swimming with a Mermaid why don’t we give you a VIP pass.” She said picking him up as if he weighed nothing hanging him up so his feet were nowhere near the ground as he kicked and fights her eyes evil and lifeless. She laughed and threw him making him smash into the wall along with the others but he didn’t give up standing up he walked towards her.

“Teddy.” He spoke softly extending his hand to her.

“Don’t call me that!” She roared water smashing up from the moon pool like it would when smashing against rocks and wetting her she didn’t care turning around Louis stood there shocked as she dove in and disappeared.

Finally Louis collapsed on his knees trying to catch his breath he glanced at Niall who was knocked out and Liam who had finally sat up breathing heavily from the impact of the wall.

“We need to stop her.” Louis said holding his chest.

“There is no stopping her once she’s gone she’s going to have the whole world in her hands unless you remove that necklace.” A voice said making Louis turn his head in the direction of it there stood Zac with his good looks they knew he was different the full moon couldn’t affect him but Louis knew he had a thing for Arianna and she had a thing for him. “The necklace is clouding her judgement taking over her brain all the full moon does is feed it power.”

“Who gave it to her?” Liam asked finally speaking up but Louis knew the answer fair and square and he had trouble saying it.


Arianna’s POV

I sat on the Iron Throne my legs hanging off the side broadly as I waited for someone to come back to me for answers.

“Megan where are they!” I shouted annoyed as the pathetic girl ran in.

“I’m sorry but I lost them.” She said practically smelling of fear making me laugh I flung my legs off and stood up grabbing my crossbow I walked and stopped at one of the stairs focusing so I could aim it at her.

“Tell me would you rather keep your fingers or your tongue?” I asked studying the pathetic excuse for a girl.

“M’lady please.” She begged.

“I am not your lady I am your grace I am the Queen! Do not ever call me Your lady!” I yelled walking down there towards the girl. “Now you go get me Louis or I’ll have your head.”

“Your Grace.” She stuttered.

“Go!” I roared making her fall back, completely scared I laughed pointing the crossbow at her. “Now go before I kill you right on the spot.”

“Yes your grace.” She said standing up and running out like the chicken she was I laughed walking back up the stairs and sitting back down.

“Your Grace.” Jon said running in and bowing in front of me. “There is someone here to see you.”

“Very well go before I cut out your tongue.” I said watching as he ran out and someone walked in I laughed clasping my hands around my crossbow.

“Mr Styles how lovely of you to visit us in my castle.” I said standing up.

“Teddy please come home.” I begged I glanced at the door and laughed.

“Guards show him what happens when they call me Teddy.” With that command 2 of my best guards stood by Harry holding him on his knees. “I think my dear brother is a bit too dressed for my liking.”

“Wait.” Harry said before I could turn around making me sigh in annoyance I sped down before he could process what was going on and smacked him in the face with my crossbow the force of the blow taking him by surprise.

“How dare you not address me by Your Grace I am your Queen!” I roared smacking him in the face this time with the back of my hand I leaned down so I was looking him in the eyes. “If you were to choose between your tongue or your fingers which one would it be? Or I could just cut out both.”

“Your Grace we want you to come home mother is worried think about Louis he loves you.” Harry said his eyes pleading with me I stood for a second feeling something I grabbed my chest and saw a flash of hope in Harrys eyes as I felt a change my heart warming up.

Than nothing, I laughed swinging at him and making him fly across the room and hit the wall. The guards moved aside and I smiled graciously speed walking over to him before he could get up and picking him up by the shirt like air holding him there kicking for the ground I was holding him from. “Nice try.” I said throwing him again watching as he hit the ground he let out a piercing wail which was music to my ears I closed my eyes enjoying the smell and sound of torture I did a deep inhale of the cries of pain that Harry was making.

Remembering I had powers I lifted him up into the air holding him there while swinging my crossbow into my other hand I let him drop in agony I breathed that in through  my nostrils and walked over aiming my crossbow at him he looked up at me the fear in his eyes giving me pleasure he knew I would kill him right then and there but something made me hesitate.

“You promised.” He said practically crying as he spat out blood. “You promised that you would never hurt me.”

That made me freeze I had promised, I had told him I would never hurt him and I would always protect him. And just now I broke it.

“Harry I’m sorry.” I said feeling a smile form on my face I adjusted the crossbow so it was near Harrys head. “Sorry I’m going to kill you and I’m sorry I’ll be sending your head in a box to your dear mother.”

He coughed rolling over to his side and spitting out more blood. “Just know before you kill me think about the time you first slept with Louis who did you come to? When you were little you nearly died who was there to save you that day even though I was younger than you? When you had your appendix out who was there as soon as you got out.”

I leaned down ready to snap his neck in a flash for him it would shut him up and there would be no pain his hands moved to my neck practically trying to get me to not kill him but he didn’t he ripped the necklace Eleanor gave me off my neck and threw it so it smashed into the wall standing up shocked I watched as the necklace moved and shattered and I found everything going in slow motion suddenly feeling a large pain in my stomach I looked down and saw Niall had come out of nowhere and drawn a knife into my stomach. I found my heart beating as I felt drained his eyes moving as I fell on the floor the sound of my heart beating in slow motion running through my head like drums and I felt like the air around me was being sucked out and I was gasping for air clawing at the ground my chest rising as I tried to get the air back Harry was soon over me looking at Niall in a disapproving way his hands landing on my stomach trying to stop the blood. My head spun and I looked around as my eyes weren’t adjusting, blurry I started choking blood coming out of my mouth this was it I knew the end was coming.

“I’m sorry.” I said trying to get the words out of my mouth.

“No Teddy you are going to live don’t say sorry.” Harry said. “Niall go get help.”

I shook my head knowing I wouldn’t live, I was going to die. “Harry.” I said trying to breath. “No I’m going to die I’m sorry… I don’t know what came over me.”

“No you don’t say sorry you are not going to die you are going to live.” He said practically crying.

“Harry you have to promise me.” I said practically coughing as more blood spluttered out.

“What? Promise you what?” Harry asked eager the tears falling from his face as he held me.

“You have to promi-“ Before I could finish it, my breathing slowed and it was like after you cry the breathing after it my eyes felt heavy and everything felt cold.. “Promise me-“ I didn’t get to finish the sentence because a pile of skull hands reached out and everything engulfed me.

I was engulfed into the world of the dead.

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