Ariana aka Cleo aka Teddy is Harry Style's half sister at 18 her world is already full among other things that may just ruin her friendship with Louis Tomlinson will the tail get in the way or will Eleanor?


10. Knocked out

Rain laughed it's been 2 weeks so far and the full moon was tonight she opened the curtain to see if her friends were here but it was too late I'd caught a glimpse of the moon in the dog bowl of water in front of me and I wasn't myself.

Using my hand I got the rope to loosen slipping my hands out I stood up Rain turned around looking at me shocked. "How did you...”

I laughed direction my hand toward the water across the room. "I warned you about the full moon but you land people just don't listen do youse?" Pausing I turned my head and focused on the water making it lift in the air I turned towards her. "BOO!"


Lying on my couch with Gemma the door knocked 1 month ago I'd gotten out of my captives grasp and moved back to Holmes Chapel away from them all.

Suddenly a knock at my door sounded and I stood up walking over to open it.

"Lyla, Serena, Nixie what are you guys doing here?" I asked shocked

"It's Zac his looking for the trident."

Grabbing my keys Gemma stood up. "Where are you going?"

"I have to stop him." I said turning around and getting in my car.


I swam as fast as I can following Zac who had the trident stopping in front of him he looked at me grabbing it to the best of my ability, Zac tried to get me to let go but I tried to pull it back suddenly a large shock went through me and everything went black.


*Zac's POV*

She fell limp Arianna or as people called her Cleo fell limp well floated to the bottom, swimming down I grabbed her and swam all the way to the secret water cave Arianna had that went straight into her room, like a tunnel but secret room that led into the ocean.


Suddenly a girl and the other 3 came running down seeing a limp but floating mermaid Arianna.

"What did you do to her?" Gemma asked

"I don't know I had the Trident and she tried to grab it from me and everything was just a flash." I said as the girls grabbed Arianna’s mermaid form.

Laying her on the couch beside this pool Gemma and the girls dried her off and she was back to her original form except very, very pale and probably dead.

Getting out my tail dried up and I walked over. "Do something."

"Gemma the 3 Moon rings she said she found at the bottom of the ocean where are they?"

"Um..." Suddenly remembering she bolted up to the book shelf and pulled out a box handing 3 rings to them they put it on their fingers pointing it at Arianna.

"It won't work these moon rings haven't seen the full moon yet Zac the trident."

"What? Why?" I asked shocked

"Please she can die if you don't get it we haven't gone long her life is in your hands."

"So I'd hurry before your next." A male British voice said turning around there stood none other than Harry Styles arms crossed and pissed off look on his face nodding I turned around and dove into the water.

I grabbed the Trident off of my friend.

"WHY DO YOU WANT IT?" He yelled to me

"BECAUSE IF I DON'T HAVE THE TRITANT ARIANA WILL DIE!" I yelled running out with it.

Standing there I sat watched as they positioned towards Arianna the 5 Lads sat there waiting for something suddenly Arianna went pale her skin lighted up a milk colour.

Suddenly taking a deep breathe she opened her eyes.

"What happened?"

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