Ariana aka Cleo aka Teddy is Harry Style's half sister at 18 her world is already full among other things that may just ruin her friendship with Louis Tomlinson will the tail get in the way or will Eleanor?


17. It isn't what it seems

“Listen it’s not what it seems.”

“Ari it looked like you were lying on the bedroom floor while Zayn was watching and Louis wanted to do something to you.” She said a smirk on her face.

“Oh? Right then it was.” I said stiffly but relieved she didn’t see it.

“So? What do you want to do?” Zayn asked looking at the both of us.

“I’ve gotta go actually Peaches is here early said Dad needed me  home.” She said as she hugged me I followed out watching as she climbed into the car.

“Hi Peaches!” I called waving.

She smiled and waved back at me, soon they were driving off and I smirked at Louis relieved I walked over and for the first time since we started dating I kissed him not the honeymoon phase kiss but actually kissed him.

Pulling back he pouted. “No more for the Tommo?”

“You might have to come and get it.” I said turning on my heel and running through the house straight to out the backyard where my mermaid instincts kicked in and I dived into the pool watching as the water evaporated and bubbles circled me once it was gone I spread my arms out in front of me and started swimming at the bottom of the pool enjoying the freeness of being able to have my tail out and about and I was sure my tail loved it too the freeness of my tail moving against the water felt great and I never remembered a time when I loved having my tail more than I did now and for once I was happy swimming at the bottom of the pool.

Finally reaching the end of the pool I kicked my tail and swam up smiling at the sight in front of me. A completely shirtless Louis. “Sorry you might have to catch me.”

Before I could do anything I heard a Vas Happening and Zayn jumped in with his little arm float’s making a big splash than Niall screaming he loved chicken than Harry saying he loved Louis I sat there studying Liam who stood there watching everyone.

“Come on Daddy Direction let loose for once and stop being so tight.” I said lifting my tail up and kicking the water so I ended up splashing him with my tail.

“Don’t make me come out and get a spoon.” Zayn said.

“I wouldn’t use the spoon against him.” Niall whispered to Zayn.

“Don’t make me get Kevin!” Harry called.

“Oh no.” Louis said clicking his fingers in a Z formation. “You did not bring Kevin into this.”

“Louis I think he did.” Liam said.

“Come on Liam, Zayn conquered his fears!” I called out. “Don’t make me come out and get you.”

“May I mind you, you don’t have legs.”

Looking down I immediately felt my smile drop when I realised he was right. “Oh.” Was all I could manage to say.

“No but I can.” Louis said looking up I realised he was behind Liam, suddenly he pushed him in and Liam came up flicking his hair. “GERONIMO!” Louis called before landing into the water in a perfect cannonball.

Popping up we all cheered like idiots before I leaned forward and flipped my tail against the water fully evaporated by the water I smiled seeing everyone’s legs I swam careful not to do what I did in the ocean and speed I swam slowly and gracefully circling Louis’s legs before popping up.

“You know if I had legs right now I would wrap them around you Louis Tomlinson and kiss you.” I said.

“Is that a hint for later?” Louis asked a grin forming on his face.

“Nope.” I said kicking the water and swimming off like the legend I was.

‘This was it.’ I thought. ‘Just like the day I fell into the moon pool my life was about to change forever.’

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