Ariana aka Cleo aka Teddy is Harry Style's half sister at 18 her world is already full among other things that may just ruin her friendship with Louis Tomlinson will the tail get in the way or will Eleanor?


8. Hollywood Arts

I stood there at my school locker staring at Avan who was talking to his girlfriend, GOD she was so god damn beautiful.

I shook my head, slamming my locker and running into my drama classroom and slamming down into my seat, soon the class bell went, Avan and his girlfriend walked in holding hands she was smiling at something he’d said.

They sat down and the whole class walked in sitting down then there was the teacher Mr Sikowits with paper in his hands.

“Okay class today we will be doing script acting Styles and Jorgia STAGE NOW!”

I stood up, Avan gave Rain a kiss, then headed off to the stage, the teacher handed me and Avan a script and I took my stage position.

“Help me.” Avan read from his script.

“I know how I can help you.” I said reading from my character

“Jumping Jacks?” He questioned.

“Kiss me.” I said, walking towards him.

“Let’s do it.” He said smiling; I totally remember why I became his best friend.

He put his soft hand on my cheek, leaning in and kissing me I kissed him back, electricity and fireworks ran through my body and we didn’t pull back, till the teacher came up.

“Okay that was not part of the script.” The teacher said.

I nodded. “Sorry I must of miss read the script.” And I walked over sitting down on my chair I watched as he sat down near his chair his girlfriend giving me dirties, she knew I was watching so she leaned up towards Avan and started making out with him I felt upset and I swear I could see her smiling at the other end of that kiss.

I shook my head not even realising that the bell had went, I turned my head and Rain was walking over towards me, she sat beside me.

“Yes Rain how can I help you?”

She looked at me. “Yes actually you little two faced slut back off from my man or face the consequences.”

“Fuck off I don’t want him I was just reading my script.”

“Yeah well if you want to live then back off from him in fact why you don’t just get your ugly face outta here.”

I nodded, standing up and grabbing my books and heading off to science.

I sat at my table, Rain 2 seats up, Avan and I doing an experiment something about what would happen if we put acid and white vinegar together.

“That was some kiss back there.” He said.

I smiled looking at him. “Just friends remember.”

He nodded. “Right only friends with benefits kiss.”

“We’re not even that so why don’t you Mr Jorgia give your sex hormones a break and leave me out of this.” I said.

“Alright chap.”

“Don’t even mock my accent.” I said eying him.

He shook his head putting the bi carb soda in, I noticed the reaction and I looked at him. “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“What wh...”

“DUCK!” I heard someone yell.

“Wha...” BOOM! I was thrown in the air by the reaction and smashed through the door and into the hallway glass cabinet.

There was flames as everyone rushed out trampling over me, I was weak, I moved my head looking for my phone, when a foot stepped on my hand I screamed at the pressure on my hand, I looked up only to see a figure in all the smoke lean down into my ear.

“I told you to stay out of my way.”

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