Ariana aka Cleo aka Teddy is Harry Style's half sister at 18 her world is already full among other things that may just ruin her friendship with Louis Tomlinson will the tail get in the way or will Eleanor?


14. Gone or not?

"You gave up your tail?" Gemma asked shocked

I shrugged. "Yes I'm free I won't be stalked."

"But you gave up your tail?"

"Yes I gave up my tail! See legs L.E.G.S." I said showing her my legs

She sighed standing up. "It's shocking but it's great to have you back."

Nodding I watched as she walked out of my room then in came Harry seriously! Didn't he have somewhere to be?

"You gave up your tail?" Harry asked looking at me groaning I grabbed my pillow and threw it at him.

"Get out Harold!" I yelled

"My names not Harold." He said in defence

"Mum!" I yelled

He put his hands up turning around. "Okay I'm going Mum! Your daughters on her periods!"

"Which Daughter?" I heard my Mum call from the kitchen

"The hormonal one." Harry said walking out I sighed closing my eyes.

The ocean called to me, a voice, the moon called and I felt strange different even.

Yet when I woke up I felt the same I stood up rubbing my head and walked out to the bathroom turning the tap on I put my hands in the water to wash my face and looked in the mirror at a shocking sight I had blonde streaks.

Then another shocking thing happened, the same morphing water came over me and I found myself falling I groaned looking down at where my legs once were.

I screamed and I heard feet running Harry stood there his hand over his mouth in shock.

"I thought you gave up your tail." He said

"Harry what's going on what's all that screaming?" My Mum called my eyes widened and I looked at Harry urgently.

"Nothing Mum just having a hair crisis." Harry said. "Gemma! Can you come help!"

Gemma ran out standing on my tail I winced. "Ow Gemma get off!"

She looked down and stepped back. "Sorry."

Harry looked at her. "Okay we need to carry her to the cabin out back Mum's gone back in her room we need to hurry before she comes back out."

Gemma nodded stepping over my tail and helping Harry lift me up Harry grabbed my tail and Gemma around my waist not to mention I was turned sideways so they could get me out the door Gemma's blanket over my tail.

"Your tails so weird." Harry complained as they walked me out.

"Harry what's that?" My Mum called out I automatically shit myself hoping Mum wouldn't take the blanket off.

"Just playing a game they've decided to throw me in the pool." I said

"Seriously Harry?" My Mum said

I heard him chuckle. "Yes she jumped on me now if you don't mind Mum."

I heard her turn her feet and we all sighed next thing I know they were carrying me out to the cabin they dropped me on the couch and I groaned. "Careful next time."

"I thought you got rid of your tail." Gemma said looking at me.

"1st Gemma and Harry get off my tail! and 2 Yes! last I checked I did!"

"But it's there." Harry said

"Well I figured." I sarcastically replied

"So what are we going to do?" Gemma asked me her eyes full of concern.

"I'm going to have to live with it."



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