Ariana aka Cleo aka Teddy is Harry Style's half sister at 18 her world is already full among other things that may just ruin her friendship with Louis Tomlinson will the tail get in the way or will Eleanor?


19. Drunk

“Teddy, you’ve had enough.” Harry laughed grabbing my waist.

“I have not.” I giggled. “Let’s dance, Harold!”

“No, I’m taking you home.”

“Pervert.” I scoffed.

“Not like that.” He snorted. “I’d be six feet under if I tried anything.”

“Who’d put you…”

“Alright, time to go.” He cut me off.

“But I didn’t finish my qu…”

“See you all later.”

“Arse.” I pouted.

“Bye Teddy!”

“Bye Niall!”

“I love you!”

“I love you more!”

“Why are you so loud?” Harry laughed pulling me a little harder.

“Because I’ve had a good day today.” I smiled nodding my head once. “I haven’t felt this good since…”

“Since you’re fight with ‘Elea-whore.” He finished for me with a smile.

“You have cute dimples, Dimples.” I giggled poking at them as we walked out of the club.

“You’ve told me like ten times tonight.” He laughed.

“So? Can't I tell my half brother that?” I asked steadying myself as he opened a cab door for me. “Oh God.”


“I’m going to fall.” I laughed stepping down onto the road and tried to slowly get into the car without falling on my face.

“Excuse her, she’s super drunk.” Harry laughed to the cab driver.

“I am not drunk!” I huffed then… fuck, I fell. On my face.

“Mhmm, sure.” He laughed. “Sorry, mate.”

“It’s fine, I’ve had worse.” He replied.

After Harry sat me up, he climbed in and told the driver his address and began our drive home.

“I’ve had fun today, Harold.” I blabbed. “It was nice. I wasn’t sitting on your couch all day. Stuffing my face with highly sugary foods. I wasn’t crying. Well I did once today, but that was because it was the last episode of Matt on Doctor Who. Oh God, who do you think will be the new Doctor?! Oh my God!” Yup, I’m blabbing. “Holy shit! Harry you should be the new Doctor!”

“No.” He laughed. “I’m shit at acting.”

“You’re right.” I sighed. “Maybe I should be the new Doctor! Oh my God do you know how awesome that’d be?!” I asked. “I’d make a shit load of money because I’d be the first female Doctor.” I said cutting into whatever his reply was going to be. What did Niall give me? Maybe it was those chicken tenders I had… I’m never this talkative. “Am annoying you?” I asked leaning up to the window to talk to the cab driver.

“No, love.” He smiled glancing at me. “You’re my favourite customer at the moment.”

“I’m everyone’s favourite.” I smiled proudly.

“She’s cocky too.” Harry snorted.

“Ignore him.” I giggled. “Is that your family?” I asked the cab driver.

“Yes that is.” He smiled.

“She’s pretty. Good job, mate.” I patted him on the shoulder.

“Thanks.” He laughed.

“Do you have any kids? I like kids. I still act like a kid. Like check out my nails! They’re Despicable fucking Me!”

“Teddy, enough.” Harry laughed.

“Oh and my middle name’s Teddy! Like a teddy bear! And youse all call me that lately” I yelled.

“Oh thank God we’re home.” Harry sighed opening the door as it came to a stop.

“Have a nice night, sir.” I saluted and got out, aka got dragged out. “He was a nice bloke. Harry, give him a tip.”

“With you talking his ear off and annoying him, I am.” He laughed paying the cool dude.

“I want chocolate milk.” I said walking towards his front door, without Harry.

“Now, now, now, don’t go running off without me.” He said jogging up to me.

“I can do it by myself, thank you.” I huffed, then stumbled.

“Wanna say that again?” He cocked an eyebrow at me.

“Fine.” I pouted letting him grab my waist and guide me. “Why do I wear heels?”

“Because you’re a girl who thinks she needs too.” He laughed.

“Why are you laughing at me a lot?” I frowned.

“Because you’re hilarious when you’re drunk.” He laughed unlocking the door and pushing it open.

“I’m not drunk, you dick.” Andddd I just tripped on… well nothing. Thank God for dimplely boy beside me.

“Suuure you’re not.” He snorted. “Go to get ready for bed.”

“But I want chocolate milk.” I whined.

“I’ll make you some.” He rolled his eyes. Harold boy has pretty eyes. Why do I never pay attention to anything other than his dimples?


I love this bed. And no it’s not Harry’s bed; I’m talking about the bed in his guest bedroom. Where I’ve taken it over and claimed it as Teddy Land.

“’It's you and me against the world’,

That's what you said, that's what you said

If you can't be honest with me

Then I'm afraid this is the end


Hurry up, hurry up

If you ever really cared about me

Tell the truth, give it up

You sound guilty, 'cause you’re stutterin’


Oh oh oh oh oh ey ey ey ey ey oh oh oh oh woah

Yeah you're stuttering

Oh oh oh oh oh ey ey ey ey ey oh oh oh oh woah

Yeah you're stuttering” And that’s my ringtone going, but me being well me, I let it go. And I’ll admit, the last part I sang along.

Drunk Teddy is fun Teddy.


From Boo

Whenever you finish singing your ringtone, text me back so I know you got home safe x

Sigh. He knows me too well.


To Boo

I’m not home. I’m at Harry’s…


From Boo

You get what I mean. Night, Bear xx


“Here’s your chocolate milk.” Harry said walking in and setting it on the night stand. “Are you going to change?”

“No.” I shook my head, sat up and stripped off my shirt then took a big gulp of my chocolate milk then laid back down. “Na night.”

“You’re so weird.” He laughed walking towards the door. “Bathroom’s right there. Don’t throw up on the floor or in the bed.”

“Gotcha, Captain!” I saluted.

“Night, Cleo, Ari, Ted whatever we call you.” And he was gone. Not like dead, gone. Jeeeeez you people……..

Damn it. I want a cuddle buddy. Phone where are you? You stupid prick, I just had you. Come out, come out, wherever you are. Found ya! Laying back down, I dialled the number I’ve known by heart for years.


“Come over.”


“No its Mrs. Clause.” I giggled. “Of course it’s me.”

“Where’s Harry?”

“Playing with himself.” I shrugged. “I don’t know, come over.”

“You’re drunk.”



“Please? You don't wanna leave this mermaid by herself do you?” I whispered playing with the corner of a pillow. "I might drown!"


“I want you here, Louis.”

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