Ariana aka Cleo aka Teddy is Harry Style's half sister at 18 her world is already full among other things that may just ruin her friendship with Louis Tomlinson will the tail get in the way or will Eleanor?


23. Don't Wake Me Up

3rd POV

Arianna  woke up, lifting her head up and waiting for something to happen, someone to come up she wanted to rub her eyes and realised she was strapped to the bed and in nothing but a hospital gown. Her head hit the pillow as she sighed. She laid there a moment and took everything in.

Flashes came back, from her in and out of conciousness, she remembered them taking blood samples, them taking toe nail clippings and scales from her tail.

She groaned at the soreness of her legs and found she felt like she had the power to do anything.

Gathering all her strength she broke free of the arm straps holding her down, she leaned forward quickly and un did the leg straps before ripping out the tubes in her.

She felt something under her bare foot, Arianna glanced down to find a strap under her foot, she bent down and looked under the bed to find a duffle bag. She tugged it out and set it on the bed carefully unzipping it revealing unfamiliar clothes; she slipped off the gown and placed on black panties and a bra before slipping into the all leather clothes.

Arianna pulled the combat boots and the weapon holsters out of the bag, along with the duel pistols, machetes and several pistol magazines.

Outside the hospital posed a challenge, the sun was setting over the small town of Holmes Chapel, the streets ridden with cars that were abandoned, turned over and some ablaze. Some had been in an explosion by the looks of it.

Arianna frowned looking around confused she heard a snarl and turned around immedietly being faced with whatever that thing was.

"What the hell is going on here?"

Zayn and Harry pushed through the church doors, it was large and dark except for a few lit candles, they shut the doors behind them as Zayn walked around making sure it was secure. Harry barely took three steps when a guy with Blonde hair came up with a large revolver in his hand. Pointing back and forth between the three of them.

“You have to get out!” He told them paranoid. “This is my place, I’m hiding here.”

Zayn rolled his eyes as Harry kept the gun on him. “I think it’s big enough for all of us.”

The barrel was pointed at Zayn. “Don’t tell me what to do-“He was so focused on Zayn that he didn’t notice Harry stand towards him and grab his arm. “Just calm down, alright?” He rested his hand on his weapon. “I’m going to let you go, and you’re going to put it down alright?”

The man nodded quickly, afraid of Harry already, Harry stood there ready to attack if he shot the man didn’t however and walked over towards one of the pews and set the gun down.

Zombies started coming out of the different door, Harry and Zayn both shooting at them until they ran out of Ammo.

Harry moved out of the way and pushed Zayn down with him just as a motorcycle came hurdling through the church from the window, glass and bullet casting going everywhere. The motorcycle came to a land and spun around so it was facing the window it had come crashing through. Harry narrowly missed the black helmet that came tossing his way.

“Move!” It was a voice, a female voice one he had sworn he would never hear again.

The woman gave the motorcycle on loud rec of the engine, it went speeding down at the walker, The Women flipped off it just as it lept in the air and slammed the walker. With two lone bullets from the woman’s pistols sent the Motorcycle into a blazing explosion in the middle of the church. She shot the chains holding the large cross apart and it went down. She spun around and killed another on coming walker, staring at the two people as she brushed herself off Harry and Zayn stood up shocked by what they had seen.

The girl looked up at them than towards the door where the banging was. “I suggest we get out now, these doors won’t hold for long.” She sat her gun back in the Holster and turned her back towards the back door, Harry and following behind.

“I thought you were dead.” Harry asked the woman that had saved his life, she kept walking though stepping over graves.

“So did I.” She stated, brushing her long brown curly, wavy hair out of her face.

“Where were you?" Zayn asked speaking up, Arianna stopped when she felt something below them something she had never felt before she looked at them in a way to tell them to be quiet they shut it and Arianna stood there looking around cautiously.

A hand from the grave she’s been standing over shot up out of the dirt and grabbed her ankle with an iron grip. It pulled himself out of the ground and went to bit Arianna in the leg; Arianna shot him in the head and got back to her feet.

“I’m starting to think this isn’t a good idea.” Harry murmured to Zayn as a horde of Infected surrounded them from all angles.

“I tried to tell you.” Zayn scoffed at Harry.

Arianna jumped across the grave- yard and landed on a Infected smashing his skull into the ground.

Arianna had her knee smashing into a Infected when she felt something hit her back; she sent a jump kick in the air and smashed the Infected's head into the earth.

Arianna nearly smirked at Harry and Zayn’s reaction but they seemed to fight the ones coming their way.

An Infected tried to run at Arianna, but she jumped over him and he smashed into another Infect ed that now had its face smashed into Arianna’s leather combat boots.

Arianna pulled a walker into a headlock as he tried to snap at her but she twisted his neck and threw him into a headstone.

“Look out!” Zayn shouted.

Arianna spun around and ducked down, picking up both the legs of the Infected and slammed him into the ground. His head exploded at the impact sending brain and blood all over Arianna, she didn’t stand for a moment and another Infected was behind her, she grabbed the Infected behind her and grabbed its arms, rolling it over her back and slamming it into its second death.

“We gotta go!” Harry called.

“I know!” Arianna called back, not even out of breath.

A sweep kick knocked over a couple of Infecteds, allowing Arianna to stand up. “Let’s go!”

Arianna carved her way from the Horde, the rest of them following behind to the closest car as Arianna jumped in, waiting for the others to get in when the two did she hotwired it and began driving ignoring the looks they were giving her.

"Who are you really? You are not the shy girl we left behind a Month ago." Harry stated shocked.

"I am Cleo Arianna Teddy Styles,they had experimented with me and took away my Mermaid tale part but not my powers I woke up to discover they had infected me with the virus, my blood bonded with it making me immune and making me a weapon with more powers than I can imagine.” She spoke keeping her eyes on the road. “I’m taking it you guys have a group?”

"We're at our house, camping there keeping it blocked off." Harry said his eyes not once leaving hers. "Tell me this how did they create this virus?"

Now known as Cleo, she sighed and caught Zayn staring at her through the review mirror it took a while thinking about what she had seen in the labs titled things she read the experiment notes and finally after hesitating she finally spoke up.

"My Blood."

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