September 11, 2001.

Since the 12th anniversary of the tragedy, 9/11 is just about five days away, I decided to write this book to make you feel what it was like for all of the people who died, or survived to tell their story about their amazing adventure. (C)


4. Chapter Two

Chapter Two. 



"Let's go!" Steven pulled on the other boy's arm, but he stayed still and firm. 

"My dad is in there," he said turning around to face him, tears sparkling in his eyes. 


"You're so funny, let's go now," Steven chuckled nervously, still pulling on his friend's arm. 

"I'm not kidding!" He argued. Steven's face fell, Tom lied sometimes, but he wouldn't ever play such a sick trick on him. 

"What do we do?" Steven asked, not realizing that that was a stupid question. They had to run and protect themselves, but their heroic side decided to pop up. 

"We have to save him!" His voice replied with hope written in every word. 

"But its too danger-" in between mid sentence, the horribly loud sound of a jet that they had heard earlier was heard again. New Yorkers looked up in horror at a second plane, coming right at the second tower. 

If the screaming from the earlier crash was loud, these screams were ear piercing. Loud enough to combine the jet's noise and theirs and cause the two boys to cover their ears. 

"Boys, run!" A man shoved them from behind. Steven allowed the man to guide him to a 'safe side' on the south part of the tower, but he didn't notice that his friend ran into the burning buildings. The man took him to the paramedics, they checked him to see if he was hurt, and checked his pulse and heart beat. After they were done, they told him to stay seated by the ambulance and wait for one of them to drive him home or if he knew his way and wasn't long away from home to leave. 

Meanwhile, Tom rushed to the elevator doors. Silly child, indeed, the elevators were stuck. He realized that and ran to the flight of stairs. He had to go up 105 flights of stairs up to reach his father's office. The hope of saving his father's life empulsed him to swing open the door to the stairs and start running up the stairs rapidly.

By the fiftieth floor, the poor boy was out of breathe and his heart felt as if it was going to explode in his chest. His hopes were now reduced. 

He took big, deep breaths to regain the air in his lungs as he entered an office with a very interesting view out unto the crowded New York City streets. He watched as loads of people pushed, shoved and yelled out things - in total panic not knowing which way or where to go. 

Steven kicked a rock to pass time, hands in his pockets and his head hung low causing his red curls to fall over his face. 


His head shot up as he remembered that he was with his friend earlier, but now was alone. He looked around trying to find him, with no luck at all. Steven ran a hand through his hair desperatly searching for a theory on where his friend was. 

'The tower.' 

His legs reacted as if they had their own mind, and sprinted towards the first building where Tom had told him his dad was in. 

'Sometimes he's just so darn stupid.' 

He thought in his head. 

Little Tom had now begun the rest of his journey up the 108 story building. He knew that the chances of saving his dad were limited, but he just had to try. 

A couple minutes later, he had gotten up to floor number 100, with determination and a lot of strength. He wiped the sweat off his forhead with the back of his hand and slid down the wall. He brought his knees up and wrapped his arms around them. 

He buried his face in his legs and just prayed. Somehow, he knew that he was going to die. The only thing he thought of was,

'At least I'll be with Dad.' 

Steven reached the thirtieeth floor and sat down on chair in what seemed like a unhabitated lobby. He threw his head back in exasperation and let out a big breathe of air. His friend was somewhere high in the building, and he didn't have anymore power to run up the stairs. 

His ears perked up at the sound of rocks falling. He quickly stood up and ran to a nearby window. The sight wasn't pretty. Millions of terrorized people watched in terror as the building began to curve. It was clear as day that it was losing its balance and was going to fall upon the city. Screams were heard from the stories above floor 80. 

Steven did the only thing he could thing of at the moment, he ran up the stairs frantically. In search of somebody trapped on the section below that the huge hole of fire was burning. He followed the screams for help of a very panicked lady. 

He reached finally reached the lady and immidiately went over to help her. She was on the floor crying for help, a table was on top of her lower body, stopping her from running away from certain death. 

Steven placed his hands on the edge of the desk and pushed it forward with all of his might. The desk flopped off of the woman and landed on the ground with a loud thud. The woman stumbled up and gave him a bone crushing hug. 

"Thank you so much!" She cried of joy. Steven awkwardly patted her back and pulled away.

"Go before the buiding falls," he ordered before he ran up the stairs again, to find another person in need. 

Or maybe, Tom. 


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