this is my first ever time writing something like this so give me a break if its no good im only new to this. this book is about my life and the way i live all the heartbreaks romances everything. just tell me what you think xx


1. Me

Sup saan,

My name is Shontel Renee Hillier, i was born in  Griffith NSW Australia. I am 14 years old. I currently live at home with my mother and go to Wade High School. I have moved around a little bit. I have lived in Cobar with my 'who i thought' farther. At the moment I am so close to actually finding out who my real farther is.

I was born on the 3 of March 1999. My favourite colour is Green, I love music especially Imagine Dragon's. I love hanging with my friends and my current boyfriend Alick O'connor. I love kids and hope to have one or 2 sometime in the future.

My job status is Unemployed but i have worked at McDonalds for about 5 months. The managers were absolutly horriblr to me. I swear they had something against me.

Anyway today is the 6/9/13 and I am currently sitting in a computer room filled with idiots. This is my first diary entry and that isnt me even getting started,

                                    Me out,

till next time this is Cutiepie33 XxX

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