1. The Begining


It was cold, damp, and dark. The only sounds were the wind blowing the fallen leaves along with the occasional hoot from an owl. Then I came, running as fast as I could.I was being followed by the "Bad Men". Almost any day I could outrun any of them -except today. Their faces were dark, shadowed by the trees that worked to block out the moonlight. This time the only difference was the things. They were horse-like black ghostly figures -almost as fast as me. I could run as fast as a car on the freeway easy as tuna. Speed was no problem because I was not normal, in fact I am special. Yes, S7P10E7C10I9A10L7, that is my special identification number. But that didn't matter now, they are catching up.


 Okay. I'll admit it. I was following her. I just couldn't stay away. I thought she was just running- not running from something. When I saw them, they payed no attention to me, almost as if they didn't see me. But I saw them and this was obviously not a game of tag- so I acted.


I could hear the quiet zip of something zooming past my ear. The arrow hit the tree off to my left a few yards ahead. I smiled, I just knew him too well. "Hey Luke..."I said calmly while running up to the arrow,"...you sure are getting close-to my face.". Just then I jumped for the arrow, so high up on the tree, I almost didn't reach it. The momentum of my running speed swung me twenty feet up and out.  I grabbed the branch on the tree nearest to me in the air.

 I only knew him as my care-taker---not a friend. It felt weird when I helped him up to the branch that I was on. His skin was so warm. Like a human. He won't tell me if he is human or not, I haven't seen enough of the world to know if there is someone else like me at all or if they have warm skin. I have tried asking him- but somehow he changed the subject abruptly-  he asked me if I wanted to go have sushi with him. Big fail on my behalf. I think he now knows that sushi will always change my mind. Another time I tried to ask him he said the same thing, if I wanted to have sushi with him. Of course I said yes (duh), but he said something that broke my heart a little. No he didn't say no sushi for you. He said "...only if you don't ask me again.". That broke my heart a little because is he not willing to share a secret with me, his, his, DAUGHTER?  Woah... wrong word. You know I used to like him. Like my dad? Yuk! Definitely wrong word. I am his ... person he care-takes.  He is my care-taker. Thats better. 


Cold. She was so cold. Her hand- or paw thing -was ice cold. I felt like I would melt her if I touched it any longer- yet I didn't want to let go.   She helped me up onto the meaty branch she rested on. There was an awkward silence. The last time there was a silence like this she had just asked me what I was. I don't want to talk about it because it was the first time that I made her cry- not like a sob or a regular cry- a single tear that fell from her eye. It was so sad, watching a kitten cry. Worse than you could imagine.


"So, Uh, Hello?". I muse. I was trying to build up to the real question, How did you find me, Where were you hiding, then it hit me.  "Were you following me?!"I blurt out. Instantly, I cover my mouth regretting what I just said. I mind-kick myself, So much for building up to it.


"Um, I nerve. Yes?"I tried to make it sound like a question as if asking her if that was the answer that she wanted, or pleading for mercy. I mean- I have seen her while she is angry, and it isn't pretty! 


I would usually get angry and try to rip his head off, kick him or bite his ear to hide my embarrassment. This time I didn't. "Well, that's interesting."I replied with either no feeling or more than I could analyze. Just then a bird jumped from one tree branch to another tree's branch.  It was beautiful, graceful. Unlike Luke who could barely climb a tree. Speaking of which...;)


For a minute, she sat there- staring at a bird. I can't recognize that amount of "beauty", but I knew by the look on her face she thought it was full of beauty. Then her smirkish grin showed. Uh-oh. She looked at me for a split second before grabbing my arm and practically throwing me over her shoulder. She jumped from tree to tree like the little bird did- but trees instead of branches. She acted like I weighed no more than a rice bag. I closed my eyes and held on a little tighter.



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