Two teams. Two girls. Two boys. Two totally different love stories.

Trying to win over an abandoned theater, the Pop stars and Rockers go head to head to win over the theater. When an unlikely friendship sparks, two girls find themselves falling in love with the enemy. Will their relationship be able to last? Or will everything come tumbling down?


3. Chapter Three

                                                                POPSTARS POV


"Callie!" Someone called my name. I whirled around and saw Harry. "Hey Cal, want to go to the theater?" Harry asked. I shrugged my shoulders and crossed my arms.

"Sure." I said bluntly as I put back the magazine that I was flipping through. I slid on my ballet flats, and grabbed my purse. I ran my hands through my hair then scrunched it for some volume. I grabbed my sun glasses and checked in the mirror one last time.

"Hurry up!!!" Harry said, annoyingly. I gave him a 'you-got-to-be-kidding-me-it-took-you-3-hours-to-get-redy-this-morning' look.

  Harry and I are alike in many ways. He's a brother to me. If it weren't for my brown eyes and chestnut-brown hair, we'd look like twins. We actually have matching tattoo's, a lock and a key on our hands. He has the lock, I have the key. I don't know why we did it that way, I always thought that there was something kind of romantic with a key, the mystical kind. You know, like the big keys with a bunch of fancy detailing that can unlock a huge magic door that leads someone into a magical land?

"Just a sec." I said as I put some wine colored lipstick on. "Now I'm ready." I said triumphantly. Harry shook his head and opened the door for me. I thanked him and stepped outside. The sun was shining and was reflection off of the dew on the green grass. I smiled and started walking down the side walk.

"So, what's the plan?" Harry asked. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"A plan for what?" I asked.

"To take over the theater."

"Ohhh. That." I said bluntly. I shrugged my shoulders and opened the big glass doors into Starbucks- my favorite place on this whole planet. "I don't know, get a few guard dogs and have them stand in front of the building. I haven't thought of it, to be honest." I said, shrugging my shoulders.

"How may I help you?" A very preppy girl asked.

"Hi, can I have a apple cider latté with a pump of caramel?" I asked as I looked through my purse.

"Coming right up! Can I have your name?"

"Camilla." I smiled. She nodded her head and I sat down at a table.

"Wow, you've never let anyone call you Camilla since the 3rd grade." Harry chuckled. I shrugged my shoulders and fixed my sunglasses.

"I like being called Callie better. I wanted to change it up today." I smiled.

"Camilla." Someone's voice rang through the shop. I got up and put a 5 dollar bill on the counter and took my drink.

"Keep the change." I said slickly and smiled. Harry smirked and we waked down the road.

"Wow, you're being generous today." Harry said with a smiled. I shrugged my shoulder and took a sip of my latté.

"I feel in the generous mood, you know what I mean?" I smiled. Harry nodded his head and we walked silently the rest of the way to the theater. We walked around back and opened the back door to get into the old building.

"La da dee la dee we like to party." Harry sand in a weird voice. I laughed as we walked onto the stage. I looked out into the theater and I froze.

"What are YOU doing here?!?!" I yelled. I cant believe that they were here, we found it first. They ruin everything. Why cant we have something to ourselves? Oh that's right, its because their the rockers.










Its been forever since I last updated!! I actually just got my first REAL job!! I'm so excited to start!!!!

Soo, I just completed my Halloween costume!! I'm going to be a 1920's flapper girl!! I seriously love that time period!! What are you all going to be for Halloween?? My friend is looking for inspiration for a coustume xD




Claire(: Xx





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