Two teams. Two girls. Two boys. Two totally different love stories.

Trying to win over an abandoned theater, the Pop stars and Rockers go head to head to win over the theater. When an unlikely friendship sparks, two girls find themselves falling in love with the enemy. Will their relationship be able to last? Or will everything come tumbling down?


6. Chapter Six

Rockstars POV

" Callie" She said.

"What a lovely name. I'm Maliyah." I said shaking her hand. " Want to grab a bite?" She had this weird look in her eyes, like she'd seen a ghost. "Are you ok?"

" Ya, it's really nothing. You know that guy, the one that was staring at you?" she said. That guy.

" Yes. He was staring at me for quite a while there!" I said with a little laugh hidden in my voice.

"He kind of has a crush on you...." She said. Wait..... WHAT!!!


We ate and said goodbye, and headed to our separate cars, but I couldn't get that boy out of my head. What was his name? Louis nudged my arm and asked me what was up. I shook my head and looked out the window.

"You know that guy that was staring at you??" He said. I nodded, still facing the window.

" That's Harry... Why were you staring at him." He said. I fessed up and sat through the rest of the car ride silently.


Hey beautiful people :) So, I have everything straightened out and am super overjoyed. My birthday was on Monday, and it was super fun. Now, I have a question. what's your favorite candy??


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