Two teams. Two girls. Two boys. Two totally different love stories.

Trying to win over an abandoned theater, the Pop stars and Rockers go head to head to win over the theater. When an unlikely friendship sparks, two girls find themselves falling in love with the enemy. Will their relationship be able to last? Or will everything come tumbling down?


4. Chapter Four


"Remember that stadium that the pop geeks were in" asked Louis.

"Yes Louis...." I said, focusing on my music.

" Well, I wanna check it out. See if it could work for us."

" Ok I guess. Ill get changed.

I put on a pink shirt, with a black leather jacket, belly shorts, fishnet stockings under my pale yellow shorts and white boots that went up to my calf. I wore smoky eyes, red lipstick, and defined my eyebrows to make them darker and fuller. I got into the big van and off we went to the beautiful theater.

We arrived at around 6 o clock and got settled In. This place was huge! The perfect hangout. We called the rest of the gang and told them to meet us here. Louis and I sat up on the stage and talked about everything.

" Why are we even fighting with the pop starts. I mean, Harry was your best friend, and my brothers in that group!" I said with lots of wonder in my eyes.

" I always knew you would ask that question. You see, when you were younger...."

" Your 3 years older than me. Don't get too ahead of yourself."

"Alright, well, you see....." He said before an ear splitting screech interrupted our conversation.

" What are YOU doing here!?!?" The voice said. I turned to see a young girl, around Louis age.

"Um, this is OUR  theater, in case your little Miley Cyrus Infected brain couldn't tell." I said with a slight smugness in my voice.

" Oh can it Callie." I heard a voice say from behind. I turned to see James behind me.

I saw a very tall, muscular boy, around my age behind her. He seemed to have noticed me too. We stared at each other for about a minute before I was being pulled by the arm by my brother. I glanced at him one last time before I was pulled into the van.......




Ok so I wanna say im sooooooooooooooooooooooo Sorry for the wait. MY school classes were all mixed up, I had relationship problems, and my laptop was stolen!

But most of all, I wanna say sorry to my co author, because of my absence. I love you all!

- Jo jo

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