Two teams. Two girls. Two boys. Two totally different love stories.

Trying to win over an abandoned theater, the Pop stars and Rockers go head to head to win over the theater. When an unlikely friendship sparks, two girls find themselves falling in love with the enemy. Will their relationship be able to last? Or will everything come tumbling down?


8. Chapter Eight

Rockers POV

Life has been different after meeting Callie. I suddenly had a friend outside of the group, I got to do things the rockers would NEVER let me do, and I just get to feel alive. Today Callie and I were gonna walk around the mall, and buy some new clothes.

"Callie! over here!" I yelled. She ran over with a smile on her face.

"Hey! Lets go! I need some new shoes." She said brightly.

We bought new shoes, strolled around some clothes stores and headed to the food court.

"Hi I'd like a pepperoni and a cheese pizza" I ordered for both of us. We sat down in a tiny table deep in to the center of the mall.

"I've been thinking, Maliyah, why do our groups hate each other?" She asked.

"Well, I think its because...."

"HEY! GET AWAY FROM HER!" an ear piercing screech you could here from Mexico shot right at us. I turned around to see my big brother, James, fuming.

'' No! you get away from HER!" another scream from a guy I don't know. He was fuming too.

They started yelling at each other, and it didn't look like it was going to get any better, so, Callie and I snuck of the mall and dashed to our cars. Meet me at the Starbucks on Westmore! I heard her scream. I nodded my head and headed there immediately. It was closed. I pulled out my cell phone.

Crazy Callie: itz closed. meet me outside the little corner store across the street.

Me: OK


Yay!! New chapter. Im sick again, and thought I could right this. Happy early Thanksgiving! I have a really boring life, except for the fact I broke my phone, I think this kid has a crush on me, and Im getting almost straight A's. Haha! I listened to Midnight Memories (finally) and I really like Little White Lies.

I wanted to say, Most likely, when you comment, Claire and I will most likely comment on yours. And im bored so comment ALOT. Hahahahaha!

Question: Do you like Minecraft?

-Jordyn <3

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