The Real Story

this is the real story. not one of those fantasy storys with a happy ending, no this is real. louis was a boy, a normal boy but when that change well was he scared but he made it look so easy but it wasen't he hated life as a star but he had to stay and this is what happens backstage


1. back in time

"you ready lou?" Harry always asked me that before a concert. Hi my name is louis I am a famous singer in one direction. To tell the truth I hate it I hate being famous its so much work and you are aways told what to do. Why did I ever sign up for the X-Factor? it was the worst thing that I ever did..... wait I'm sorry let me tell you how I got here........"LOUIS YOUR GOING TO BE LATE!" my mom yelled. I ran as fast as I could down the stairs. "bye mom I will text you when its over I love you!" I kissed my mom on the cheak. "be good and do your best if you don't make it there is always next year." I ran out of the house and waved at my mom and hopped in my car. "ok louis if you make it in then great and if you don't even better!" I told my self because my mom was the one that signed me up and I only sang because it made my mom proud and I never want to let my mom down. when I got there I ran up and got a number. 249. "Hi!" a girl with strait long hair said. "Hi!" I smiled back at her, she was so pretty. My name is lizz whats yours?" "I'm louis but some people call me lou." she smiled "cool! So are you trying out too?" she asked in such a cute voice. "yep but I really don't want to you see my mom signed me up for this but I never wanted to come. "OH cool thats the same as me only my dad was the one that signed me up I don't even like to sing that much." wow she is so pretty and so nice too I hope we can be friends. I thout to myself. "oh hey baby there you are what are you doing with this low life?" I jerked my head and saw a boy with brown curly hair. "exuse me but if you are talking about me you better shut up dude!" he looked at me anger in his eyes but I could see fear to. "my names harry and you better not be flirting with my girl or there is going to be some broken bones." I snikerd. "oh ya you think you can do any damage to me? ya right! I hate boys like that, act all big and tuff even when the are scared of the dark. "YOU BETTER WATCH OUT BUD OR YOU WON'T EVER SEE DAYLIGHT AGAIN!" "whatever." and with that I walked away.

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