The Grey chronicles

Triplets Daphne, Delilah, and Delaney couldn't be any more different. A snobby cheerleader, a wild child, and a wallflower. They're plucked one day from there lives in San Fransisco and thrust into Ravens Bay Academy in upstate Maine. Could this move actually bring them closer together? or just farther apart as dangerous secrets about their lineage and destiny come into play. And a handsome boy with more question's then answers comes into each of their lives. Could the sisters who were born to make others destiny's finally find their own in the epic war that's raging in their colliding worlds? well you better read and find out!;)


1. Delilah POV "easier said then done"

Delilah .

My heart is racing in my chest as my feet pound against the ground. Bare foot striking dirt paved road, making a rhythmic thump thump thump with every long legged stroke. “There she is, get her!” A gruff male voice screeches from the background and the sound of dogs howling erupts in my ears sending my heart beat and legs in a less rhythmic and more frantic pace. I’m absolutely terrified, fear seems to pierce and grip at my very soul, I’m wearing tattered clothing that looks suspiciously like a potato bag and my feet are bare and covered in callauses and blood. The crumbling streets and buildings that rush by me I’ve never seen before in my life, but my heart and feet seem to know them like someone knows their own name. “Just a little longer” comes pouring out of my mouth, except it’s not my mouth, it’s not my voice at all I realize with a jolt. The voice has a high feminine tone and thick accent that speaks in a rough language that has never met my ears before, but yet I know exactly what I’m saying. Suddenly a river and boat appear in my sight and I feel relief rush through my entire body, an exsasperated sigh escaping from my lips. I’m going to make it, I’m going to make it, I chant as a reassuring matra in my head, failure is not an option. I’m close enough now to smell the salty sea and the fear is all but replaced with a joy like I’ve never felt before. I’ve made it, I did it, we were going to be safe, mid-thought a white hot pain shoots through my chest I scream a scream that pierces the night and haunts the unfortunate ears of the witnesses forever. I look down and see a shining golden spear covered in warm scarlet, blood, my blood. It can’t be, this wasn’t how it was supposed to happen I think as the pain takes me over I crumple to the ground my legs betraying me my knees giving out. The pain consumes my being, they’ve won I think with dismay as my last dying breath escapes from my lips, there’s no one to stop them now. I wake up gasping for breath and covered in sweat gripping my chest where the spear should be. “It was just a dream” I mutter groggily, it felt so real I swear I’m almost afraid to look down but to my surprise no spear or tattered clothing, just a betty boop pajama top and black cotton shorts decorated with arranged stars and cherries. I shake my head vigoriously, as if I can shake away the dream as the feeling of pain and fear melts from my body like hot butter. I turn to my flashing alarm clock and grip it in my hands to get a closer look as my fuzzy morning sight is notoriously suckish. 6:05 it flashes in bold red numbers. “Crap” I groan punching my pillow, already late on the first day this was a new feat even for me. I hop hastily out of bed and rush into my bathroom nearly tripping to death on the boxes that litter my room in the attempt. I rush through my morning routine, put on some makeup, brush my hair, and grab my uniform from it’s less then coveted spot as a crumpled up heap on my floor and am out the door in less then fifteen, a new record I think cracking a smile. You tend to get good at getting ready in a rush when you’re a chronic over sleeper like moi. And it’s not just because these freaky dreams, I’ve never been a morning person people shouldn’t be up before the sun is it’s just morally wrong. I bound down the stairs taking them three at a time and am greeted by the usual commotion of a Grey family breakfast, I could almost close my eyes and pretend that we are back in San Francisco instead of this hell hole suburbia my dad thought would be a ‘good change’ I swear every day here I feel like a little part of me is dying, and it’s only been a week so at this rate it could hardly be all that good for me. “We have got to leave now, I don’t care leave her here some of us have a schedule to keep!” I hear my sister aka resident ice queen of Ravens county Daphne shriek through a mouth full of pancakes. “I’m the designated driver in this house so what I say goes” Mom announces with much protest from my sisters. Wow, thanks guys really, psh and people say triplets are supposed to have some ‘special bond’ or something I apparently got scammed out of this birth right and left with a control freak cheerleader, and a wallflower musician, can you say nothing in common ten times fast? As for me I’m not to sure what box I fit into though my dad likes to call me a ‘spitfire’ or a ‘wise cracker’ also known as the nice word for wild child with a smart mouth according to my grandmother. “Present” I announce in my best English accent that manages to sound more like “pre-shant” as I prance into the kitchen. I can’t help the smirk that’s tugging at my lips as I take in Daphne’s death glare, honestly I’m a little surprised this may be the most real emotion out of her in a month. “Okay girls get in the car and I’ll be there in just a sec” Mom shouts as she digs through the fridge to find a juice box for the youngest Gray Derek who just hit the ripe old age of two, let’s just say they don’t call it the terrible two’s for nothing. Daphne slams the door behind her cutting off me and Delaney “really” I hear Delaney mutter in her hushed way as quiet as a whisper in a crowd. I swing the door open ahead of her and hop into our beat up old white minivan that I’ve nicknamed chester because really a white van?  I slide in after Delaney in the far left seat and mentally prepare myself for the day ahead. Because my dream for junior year has always been to go to a new town where I know a total of no-one and got to spend the entire summer with just my family, it’s all a real dream come true. Finally we roll up to a looming black cast iron gate that you have to punch in your student code on this keypad thingamagig to even get into. We coast up a winding road until we reach an engish-style building all done in stone on the outside eriely resembling the drawings of ancient castles in Scotland and England that hang proudly from my Delaney’s walls. I can’t help but feel significantly out of place in a snooty gated school in Maine surrounded by a sea of BMW’s and Porcshe’s in our beat up minivan. Gaggles of stray teenagers prance past us giggling at the sight of our car trashing up their gold platted lives. How the hell are we affording this place? I wonder as I pop out of the car with mom’s reminder to “have fun” ringing vaguely in my ears. “Easier said then done” I huff as I walk through the huge wooden double doors with Daphne and Delaney trailing behind me. My mouth feels dry, and my ears are wringing, wait oh hell no Delilah Grey does not get nervous, like ever, what was wrong with me? Had one week in the east coast really screwed me up that badly already? I sneak a glance at my sister’s and are relieved to find equally terrified expressions on their faces, at least I’m not alone. Daphne quickly smoothes over her expression when she sees me looking and becomes erriely calm, even managing a small smile like she’s giving herself a mini mental pep talk. But Delaney still looks like someone just told her she has two hours to live her thin auburn brows scrunched together and her large blue eyes the color of stained glass looking fearful. I suppose there is one good thing to all this triplet mess we don’t look entirely alike thank god, Delaney has auburn hair that is in a French side braid nearly every waking moment, she’s also slightly shorter then me and Daphne, and has saucer like blue eyes that sparkle when she talks about drawing or singing, she’s a sweet girl she just dosen’t talk much. And then there’s Daphne with her ebony hair up in a high curling ponytail and her eternally icey emerald green glare paired with pouty lips and a snobby attitude, she looks like royalty in some medieval painting all big eyes and high cheekbones with the same porcelain skin that we all seem to share. Then there’s me wavey golden blonde hair that flows to nearly my waist and curls at the ends, even though mom’s been nagging me to get it cut for well forever, paired with silver eyes that I frequently line with black eyeliner to give them less of a doll and more of a smoky sultry look . I guess the only real difference is our hair and eye color otherwise we are all pale as hell, with high cheekbones, and big eyes, reasonably attractive I guess. The only thing that really sets us apart is Daphne had bigger lips, Delaney is shorter and more petite while me and Daphne are around average height with hourglass shapes, and also the barley there freckle near my lip mascarading as a beauty mark that I’ve always thought made me special or something stupid like that. “Would Daphne, Delaney, and Delilah Grey please come to the front office” a naisley sounding woman announces through the loud speakers. I guess it’s game time. People point and whisper as we walk by on our walk of shame to the office the word “new girls” and “triplets” is repated nearly a hundred times before we finally reach the shinning marble and glass front office. “The guidance counselor will see your girl’s now for your schedules” Nasal voice sqwaks as she leads us to a back room down a marble hallway light by an over the top extravagant chandelier hanging from the high vaulted celling. We’re in and out in two minutes flat as a stern looking woman in a grey power suit hands us each a slip of paper and then motions for us to leave as she picks up her phone. “Well she was a bundle of joy” I snort. “Seriously someone needs to take the stick out of her butt” Daphne adds “Or the phone out of her hand” Delaney squeaks as we go back into the wild unknown of Raven Bay Academy’s halls. “This place is huge how are we supposed to find anything!” Daphne shrieks looking completely and utterly lost as students rush by on their way to classes that must have already started by now. “Well my best guess is look” I shrug “It’s four stories” Daphne says darkly completely emerged In her schedule probably going over her plan for school wide domination in her head. “What are your classes?” I sigh snatching her paper. “Gym, first period well duh that’s outside” I say. “Oh I didn’t think of that, I guess I’m just a little overwhelmed” she says snatching back her schedule an exsasperated look on her face. “Join the club” I mutter as I head up the large marble stairs. “Wait Li!” I hear Delaney shriek from the bottom of the stairs looking up at me with a pitiful expression on her face, god you can’t say no to that face she’s just so small and helpless like a kitten or something you just can’t not help her. “Yeah what?” I say in a softer tone, even though none of us really clicked I  definitely get along better with Delaney then I do with Daphne. “Can I come with you?” she says in a barley audible voice. “Yeah sure hop on the Delilah express, but just for the record I have absolutely no idea where I’m going” I laugh as we trot up the stairs together. “This is some kind of torture” I mutter on what feels like the hundredth stair. “Seriously” she chimes. There’s not a hallway in sight, and not a single sole around to ask for directions just great. Finally I spot two guys coming up the stairs, oh thank god. I hate to be all damsell in distress but we are way more then fashionably late at this point. “Hey!” I holler as they walk past. The tallest of the two with bright blonde hair gives me a glance from my head to my feet and then as if deciding I’m worth his time strolls over to us. “Hey yourself” he smirks and I kid you not winks, this cheeseball actually winked at me. “I’m sorry do you have some sort of facial tick or is that blonde hair dye seeping through to your brain” I ask blandly. He lots out an obnoxcious laugh and I automatically decide I don’t like him, so maybe I’m quick to judge, sue me. “Feisty, hot” he says with a wolfish grin. “So do you want to help us or what?” I ask. “What do you need help with? Maybe CPR lessons, or how to unhook your bra?” he asks boldly getting an elbow from his buddy. “Oh screw it I’d rather eat rocks then get help from you” I say disgust clear in my voice. “Come on Del we’ll go back to the office” I say scooting her away from the hormonally challenged teenage boys. “Oh no way you guys are the triplets or whatever everybody’s talking about, damn you guys are hot” he announces leaning against the railing. “what classes do you have?” he asks snatching our papers. I roll my eyes no way am I spending another second with this prick. “Hey you both have Chemistry with Mrs.M we were just going there” he says a smile spreading across his face as much to my protest he grabs my arm and tugs me up the stairs until we reach the first classroom on the third floor. “Touch me again, and you’ll lose that arm” I spit. “I’ll take my chances” he laughs daring to give me another wink. “Mr.Smith and Mr.Jenkins what is the meaning of this I sent you to the library twenty minutes ago” a woman who could only be Mrs.M growls from behind a wooden desk. She’s a dainty old woman the kind that you would excpect to bake cookies and give hugs, but she’s apparently got a little more fight in her then that, I like her. “Sorry we were just being good samaratins and helping some stray new girls we found wandering in the hallway” Blondies sidekick says with a sickeningly sugar coated voice, suck up my mind screams. “Oh you must be the Grey girls” she says as the boys take their seats. “Class listen up we have two new students and I want you to extend to both of them a warm Raven Bay Academy welcome! Girl’s would you like to introduce yourselve’s maybe say where you’re from and your name and then a fun fact about yourself” she says cheerily. To my surprise Delaney steps up to the center of the classroom first and mumbles “Hi, my name is Delaney Grey, I’m from San Fransisco, and I like to draw and sing” She says looking a little queasy staring at the wall in the back of the room. “Very good, Delaney now class what do we say” Mrs.M asks. “Welcome Delaney” the class mumbles in unison some looking bored and doodling in their notebooks or texting under their desks, and some looking at my sister like she’s some shiny new toy, I can’t decide which one’s worse. I stride to the middle of the room and repeat the same stupid thing “Hey my name’s Delilah Grey, I’m from Narnia, and I enjoy making small children cry and riding elephants in my spare time” I say to the crowd of bored looking teenagers who were obviously not paying any attention to what I said at all. “Oh and also setting fire’s to feel joy, and frequently cross dressing” I add, still the same reaction only about ten faces are turned up in the entire class and the room erupts with laughter, while the kids who have no idea what I said look around and poke their neighbors wondering what was so funny that they missed. “Well Mrs.Grey, I think that’s quite enough” Mrs.M says in a clipped tone that shows that she didn’t appreciate my little stand up routine I shrug and look around for an empty seat. “Delaney near the window behind Jane, Jane please raise you’re hand” Mrs.M starts as a girl with a sickening amount of bright pink lip stick shoots her hand up “And Delilah you can go sit behind Heath” Mrs.M says in the same tone of disdain. “Aye Aye” I mutter giving a little salut as I march to the very back of the room where I see a hand raised among the crowd. “Way to go Mrs.M” I mutter when I see who I’ll be sitting behind all semester. Heath has shaggy black hair and piercing amber eyes that follow me like a hawk as I take my seat. “Take a picture it will last longer” I say catching him still watching me from the corner of my eye as I pull out my notebook. “Sadly taking pictures of pretty teenage girls in school uniforms is 99 percent frowned upon by society” He jokes shaking a stray hair out of his eyes. I let out a laugh “Very true” I comment. “You do know that you’re named after a candy bar right?” I say raising an arched eyebrow. “I never really thought about that” he chuckles. “Well don’t heath bar’s are terrible, it’s for your own good” I whisper as Mrs.M shoots me a warning look I give her a smile and wave to rival any pageant queen. “You know you really shouldn’t aggravate her like that” heath says giving me a disapproving look. “Sorry mom, it won’t happen again” I say doodling in my notebook. I meant to draw a flower but somehow I ended up drawing the spear from my dream. I stared at it with wide eyes and almost instinctively slam the notebook shut as fast as I can. What was I doing? I don’t know why I was so afraid of it, it’s just a drawing it can’t hurt me I repeated over and over in my head but heck that’s what I said about the dreams and honestly as terrified as I am to admit it they do hurt, horribley actually, I feel everything but yet I wake up without a scratch. I’m going crazy, I think to myself wondering if some rehab center for dysfunctional teens will take me in, but then what would I do when everybody’s going around in a circle saying their name and that they had a drug or alcohol problem or something what would I say? “Hey my names Delilah, and I have unrealistically vivid dreams?” or “Hi, Delilah here I frequently die in other people’s bodies nightly when I go to sleep?” The more I thought about it the crazier it sounded, so I did the only logical thing I stopped thinking about it, totally tuned it out of my brain which trust me took way more effort then I’d like to admit. Because if I didn’t think about it it’s like it never happened in the first place hopefully that whole ‘out of sight out of mind’ thing works in reverse too.




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