The Grey chronicles

Triplets Daphne, Delilah, and Delaney couldn't be any more different. A snobby cheerleader, a wild child, and a wallflower. They're plucked one day from there lives in San Fransisco and thrust into Ravens Bay Academy in upstate Maine. Could this move actually bring them closer together? or just farther apart as dangerous secrets about their lineage and destiny come into play. And a handsome boy with more question's then answers comes into each of their lives. Could the sisters who were born to make others destiny's finally find their own in the epic war that's raging in their colliding worlds? well you better read and find out!;)


2. Daphne POV: a fate all alone


I stroll around outside until finally finding a chubby middle aged man with a buzz cut and whistle hanging proudly from his neck, my gym coach I suppose. “Excuse me, hi I’m Daphne Grey I’m so sorry that I’m late but it’s my first day and well you have a really big school here that’s not all that user friendly” I say In a voice as sweet as honey as I turn on my charm. Teacher’s always love me it’s just a fact of life the skies blue, the grass is green, and Daphne Grey is the favorite. “That’s quite okay Miss Grey, how about you just go to the girls locker room and get changed everyone else is already on the track, You’re gym clothes should be in your locker” he says warmly gesturing to a huge brick building to the left of the football field. “Yes sir” I announce prancing over to the locker room. Acquiring more then a few whistles from the boys playing football on the field, I turn to give them a flirty wave. What? Flirting never killed anybody. It’s not like any of those boys would ever stand a chance with me anyways, why settle for mediocre when you can strive for perfection? And the future president of the united states has no business  dating jocks, especially of the stupid variety. I find my locker number with ease and fling it open with a flick of my wrist. I’ve kind of got locker opening down to a science since all my classes were on opposite sides of our school freshman year it was either open it fast, or be late. And I would rather die then see my record with a tardy mark mucking it up. Nothing is ever easy, if you want something you have to work for it with all you’ve got that’s my personal motto. You’ll never see me giving less then one hundred and ten percent effort in anything and everything. I scrunch up my nose at the white and green t-shirt with our school logo and matching green and gold shorts as I throw them on, you think a nice school like this could afford some slightly cuter gym clothes, just saying. As I’m pulling the t-shirt over my head a banging sound resignates through the locker room and makes me jump about ten feet. My heart is in my stomach oh god this is how horror movies start I think to myself hearing my heart beat hammer in my chest like someone who had one too many energy drinks banging on a drum. This is ridiculous it’s probably just another student, I reassure myself letting out a sigh I holler “Hello, anybody in here? ”. My only reply is errie silence but a flash of gold catches my eye in the far end of the room. I tug on my shorts and run over just fast enough to see a boy with curling blonde hair running in the distance as the unhinged locker room door swings violently. A boy was in here! While I was changing! I fume. Oh no way was I going to let that little perv get away with this I’m going to find out who this creep is and make sure they regret ever even thinking of getting on my bad side. I swear I’m not the tyrant my sisters seem to make me out to be, I just like things in a certain order that’s all and I wont let anything stop me from achieving my goals, so I’m driven and orderly, worse things have happened in the world. I stomp out onto the track just in time to hear coach chuckle “Glad you decided to join us miss Grey, I was beginning to think you got lost in there, get in line for drills”. I step up to the middle lane of the track searching the crowd for the blonde boy but coming up with nothing. I contemplate telling coach but what were they going to do about it give him a slap on the wrist and tell him not to do it again? Oh no I was taking matters into my own hands and this boy was going to pay. With anger and adrenaline pumping through my veins as soon as the sound of the whistle vibrates in my ears I take off like a bat out of hell. I speed by the other kids with ease, eventually catching up to the first group of runners and making my way to the front of the pack. I sense angry glares on me from the athletic sporty types as I sprint past them like a gazzel. I close my eyes and feel the rhythmic thump of my feet against the ground in perfect harmony with my steady heart beat, I almost forgot how much I loved running since I focused all my efforts on cheerleading. After five good laps around the track I’ve still got a pretty big lead on everybody and put my hands above my head to steady my rapid breathing as coach blows the whistle. He’s rushing toward me with an exuberant smile on his face “Miss grey, that was outstanding! The best I’ve seen in years in fact oh please tell me that you’ll come to track tryouts after school today” he announces a pleading look in his eyes. “I don’t know” I say hesitantly I love running but nothing was lamer then track at my old school. “Oh no you must, this high school hasn’t had a winning track team in years you could really put us over the edge” He says practically begging me. Crap, I hate disappointing people. Finally I let out a sigh and say “sure I guess I could try out”. “Oh thank god, don’t worry you are a shoo-in!” He cries as he goes on about track with me until the bell rings and it’s time to head to my next class. I race to the locker room, and am out the door in less then five minutes. Sure I would try out for track later today but my mission right now was clear find blondie and… well honestly I have no idea what I’m going to do to him but you can bet it will not be pretty. God I sound like Delilah I think with disdain, fighting is above me ladies do not fight…but they could yell and call the police. After being directed to my next class I find myself scanning the hallways for blondie, but no luck. I say some pretty un-ladylike things in my head by the time I reach my class without having spotted the loser. Eventually I wipe the angry scowl from my face and strut into my history class with my head held high flashing a smile to my new class mates as I go to talk to the teacher, there’s no second chance on a good first impression. Then suddenly a curly head of blonde hair catches my eye, I’ve got you now I think unable to help the smirk that inches it’s way across my face that is until I see the owner of those golden curls. He has eyes bluer then anything I’ve ever seen and chiseled features over air brushed looking skin, he looks like he’s carved from marble I think to myself with disdain. Damn it he’s not supposed to be cute, he’s supposed to be a low life perv but still my anger is stronger than the stupid teenage girl part of my brain that’s begging me not to hurt him, and his pretty face. He turns away from me bashfully as I look him in the eye and there’s not a doubt in my mind that it’s the same guy, guilty as charged I chime. “Take any seat you would like Miss Grey” I vaguely hear my teacher announce. “Will do” I smirk as I waltz past blondie into the seat behind him I can practically feel how uneasy he is as he wiggles uncomfortably in his chair like a fish out of water. “Miss Grey can I see you in the hall for a moment, to go over some um new student information” My teacher asks in a voice as sweet as honey. “Yes Mam” I say not even bothering to look at her as I trot out the door. Finally someone can actually explain this labyrinth of a school to me, it’s about time. I twist a lock of my hair as I wait for what seems like forever until my teacher finally appears in the hallway. She turns her head from side to side like a crossing guard checking for cars, and then lets out a growl that sounds like nails on a chalkboard. I instinctively cover my ears as the sound pierces them, what the hell is going on I wonder. I’ve never heard ANYTHING make a noise like that, especially a person. Panic fills my body as I scan the hallway and find that we’re all alone. I’m going crazy, I must be, I just imagined that sound. “Oh my a fate all alone, Aisa it’s been too long” My teacher screeches. I watch in horror as her face seems to melt away and becomes something not even human, but a creature, a thing with the body of a lion and the head and wings of a bird. “This is not happening” I mumble numbly. In a flash the creature is way too close for comfort pinning me against the wall with all the gentleness of a t-rex. It flexes a sickeningly pointed dirty claw to my throat and I feel a sharp pain as it pierces my skin. Yet I just sit there like a doll, numbly I’m imagining this all of this, I’m going to check myself into some kind of hospital after school and I’m going to get help, everything will be okay. “I’m afraid I can’t let you live Aisa it’s a real pity though you were always our favorite, the goddess of death, the queen of darkness.” It growls looking almost reluctant as she lowers her wicked claw to my rapidly beating heart I scream and close my eyes. I will the image of the terrifying creature away and then open my eyes again as panic tears through me, it’s still there. I blindly punch the beast and land a blow right in between it’s beady cold eyes. I dash down the hallway like a bullet pouring every ounce of strength I have into my legs. I take a sharp turn down the first hallway I spot. And almost cry with relief when I sneak a glance over the corner and there’s nothing there.  Can I really be imagining all of this? I feel then a white hot pain in my neck and whimper in pain. My neck, but that’s where that thing stabbed me with it’s claw, but that would mean that it would have to be…real. Lost in thought I’m taken by surprise as the thing leaps at me from behind slashing me across the face with a wicked claw. The weight of the monster on top of me is crushing. My vision goes blurry as it snickers “Thought you might put up a better fight then that, how disappointing.” And with a merciless grin It lifts a massive paw and I prepare myself for the inevitable, death. I gasp for one last breath and am shocked when air fills my lungs with ease. I look up in stunned silence as I see the beast laying in a bloody heap on the floor. “You’ll never win, Olympus will fall soon enough” It spits as it dissolves into thin air. I’m off the ground now, being held by two strong hands cradling me like a baby. I turn my head to see what kind of horrible monster I have in store for me now but I can only see a pair of glowing blue eyes before everything goes black.

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