Learning to Trust

*Sequel to Different From the Rest*
Kady is grown up now. She is now eighteen, a far cry from fourteen. There is no One Direction, if you asked your kids about them they'd be like "are you high again?" Kady's stutter is long gone, but the fears from it will never surrender. Being alone, forgotten, useless. Mainly she can't trust, anyone, not others around her, not herself. She makes a mistake that can't be fixed, and must go on with her life. Kady has to learn that you must leave the past behind you before you can move forward and not all mountains can be moved. It's a bowl of cherries, with a few-no many, nuts thrown in.


22. Kenzie and Michael

"Girl, wake up!" says a familiar voice. I groan and roll over to the direction of who said it. After what feels like forever, I slowly open my eyes. El is standing there with the family.

"What time is it?" I ask sleepily.

"Almost eleven, and Liam called us last night."

"So you drove from New York to here?"

"Yup, it's fine. And here's the baby you wanted to see," Eleanor says taking a newborn out of Louis' arms and handing it to me.

"What's its name?" I ask.

"Dawn," she smiles. I rock Dawn back and forth in my now boney arms.

"How was Nadi Drew's birthday yesterday?" Lou asks. I force a smile, "Great. It was a low key day. We went shopping at the mall then watched movies for the rest of the day."

Where is Nadi Drew? Dawn starts to wail, so El takes her out of my arms and hushes her.

"I don't know if you know this already, but Liam said for this weekend you would be looking after Kenzie and Michael. You don't have to though," says Louis.

"No, I will." "They have homework that you might have to help with."

"It's probably better if I get my brain cells to start working again," I joke. No laughs, okay, bad one Kady, "What schoolwork do you two need help with?"

"For social studies we have to do a report from a band back then, so we chose One Direction," explains Kenzie.

"I got this. Just don't tell my daughter," I say and Kenzie and Michael nod their heads. I may know a thing or two about One Direction. I got this. After El and Lou leave, Kenzie, Michael and I start on their social studies project.

"Okay, we need to write about how the band rose to fame first," says Michael. I search it up on Google though I already know it, "Okay, so all five auditioned on the X-Factor Uk as solo acts. They all got eliminated at Judge's Home and they were put together as a band. They came in third, though many believed they were going to win hands down."

Kenzie scribbles down notes of what I'm saying, her forehead wrinkling up as she does so.


"Perfect," I say examining the trifold with a big picture of the band all together from the Jingle Ball in 2012. That's not the concert I went to, I went to one at Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut.

"Are you sure?" Kenzie asks scratching her head.

"Yea, this is all the facts a Directioner would know, and us Directioners are like the FBI. One time some of them hacked into an airport security system to watch your father on a security camera waiting for his flight."

"Okay…" I look at the poster again. It is bound to get an A. It has every little detail about them, I was the one that truly knew them. The only thing that I'm iffy about is we wrote a few things that only the band's close friends would know. Okay, maybe I shouldn't worry about that, after all their last name is Calder-Tomlinson.

"Why doesn't Nadi Drew know about Uncle Liam?" Michael asks.

"Because we want her to make real friends that don't base her off of who her parents are. Does it seem like some people in your life go out of their way to be extra nice to your Dad?"


"That's because some girls still haven't gotten over the band. It's pretty sad, but what can you do? It's crazy to me that they've still been faithful to everyone this whole time, not just Uncle Harry who has a solo career."


"Chocolate chip cookie dough please," says Kenzie standing on her tiptoes so she can see over the counter. I'm treating Kenzie and Michael to ice cream since they've spent four or five hours on that project, "Make that two cookie doughs."

Michael orders Rocky Road and we sit outside in warm September air to eat our snacks, "I'm so proud of you two."

They smile, nod, then get back to their ice creams. I love you too guys. Where is Liam and Nadi Drew? I haven't seen them all day, not even this morning. I push the thought to the back of my head. A red and orange leaf falls into my lap effortlessly. It rocks back and forth, but doesn't fly away. Though the wind keeps blowing, it still doesn't go. It's as if there's a rock holding it down. Okay, I'm going to be the leaf with my sickness, not blowing away no matter how much things try.

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