Learning to Trust

*Sequel to Different From the Rest*
Kady is grown up now. She is now eighteen, a far cry from fourteen. There is no One Direction, if you asked your kids about them they'd be like "are you high again?" Kady's stutter is long gone, but the fears from it will never surrender. Being alone, forgotten, useless. Mainly she can't trust, anyone, not others around her, not herself. She makes a mistake that can't be fixed, and must go on with her life. Kady has to learn that you must leave the past behind you before you can move forward and not all mountains can be moved. It's a bowl of cherries, with a few-no many, nuts thrown in.


9. Bachelorette Party

*Two Months Later*

"If you have made it this far, can can make it to tomorrow," Perrie says to me. It's the day before my wedding and I'm hanging out with my bridesmaids at a restaurant in the town over. My wedding is in a church here. I'm scared to death I'll die right before my wedding. At least I can still fit into my wedding dress, despite my pregnancy. There's a small bump, it's noticeable. 
"I guess, but I can't believe this is my last night to be free," I say eating a piece of lettuce from my salad. 
"My baby's growing up now!" Perrie says pretending to wipe away a tear. Her phone pings, "It's Valerie."
She gets up and walks towards the restrooms. The other people at the table are Eleanor, Lilly, Lena, Lucinda, Jana, Ruth, Nicola, and Peyton List. Yes, I know I have quite a bit of bridesmaids. No, Valerie is not one,  I don't know what Niall sees in her and no one knows why she still has her engagement ring off. Peyton's my Maid of Honor and Samara and Emme are flower girls. Cate and Kensington are junior bridesmaids, but are not here right now. Michael and Danny are junior groomsmen. It's going to be a big wedding, but not televised, like Simon told us to. Sorry Simon, but we don't have to listen to you anymore. He can be a total dick sometimes. 
"I'm so excited for the wedding!" Ruth says. Nicola rolls her eyes, Li wanted them both to be bridesmaids and I said yes. Nicola is more of a party person and I like Ruth, she's a little more, you know, approachable. 
"Me too!" I say putting on my best fake smile. 
"What kind of ring did you get my little brother?"
"That's for me to know and you to find out."
"Please, please tell me!" she says. I shake my head, my lips are sealed. I got him a golden band with diagonal grooves on it. Nothing special, but it did cost a lot. Before Ruth can say anything else, Perrie comes back, "It's official, Niall and Valerie's engagement is off."
"Why?" El asks. 
"Valerie was a little annoying to him, she acted dumb because she thought it made her look cute."
"Niall's number one pet peeve."
"I'm surprised he even popped the question, everyone hates her," Perrie says. Valerie is one of those typical dumb blonds. She has brown eyes, claw like fingers, and tanned to the point of being orange, she's a mess from the Jersey Shore. She wears like ten pounds of makeup, poofed up hair, and the sluttiest clothes imaginable. 
"Serves her right," I say with bitterness in my voice. 
"When is your baby due?" asks Lena, trying to change the subject, she doesn't know Valerie well. 
"In six months, but El's is due in three!" 
"How many babies are you going to have Calder-Tomlinson?" asks Perrie. 
"I don't know, he just loves my beautiful body!" we all laugh and people start to stare at us, so we pipe down. 
"Man, I want a beer right now," I say. 
"Why can't you get one?" asks Jana. 
"Um, hello!" I say pointing at my growing stomach. 
"I'm with ya girl!" El says. 
"Wedding practice was so boring," I say stretching out that last word. 
"Yea, but now you won't make a fool out of yourself like usual," says Lucinda. I put my hand over my chest and I pretend to be offended. Again people are staring and I feel like going up to them and telling them to go and fuck themselves. 
"Niall just texted me," I say and everyone looks over my phone. 

To: Kady Brown
From: Niall Horan

Shout out to future mrs payne! Quick question, is ur bby a boy or girl?

I type back a quick response:

To: Niall Horan
From: Kady Brown

Idk if its a boy or girl why tho

To: Kady Brown
From: Niall Horan

Just wonderin. I will c u 2morrow

"Strange," I say. Everyone else just shrugs and gets back to eating their dinners. I can't even eat anymore, I'm too excited about my wedding and worried about my sickness at the same time. 

I have the house to myself when I get home. Liam is still at his Bachelor party with his buds. Because after tomorrow, he'll be stuck with me for the rest of his life, if we don't divorce or something. It's eleven, but there's no hope of me sleeping. I go into my closet and I pull out my wedding gown. It's a long one that flows behind me. It's a two foot long tail, nothing crazy. It's also strapless and I absolutely love it. I undress and I put it on. I can barely put it on, thanks to that kid of mine. I insert the veil into the crown of my head and I put in the teardrop earrings I'll be wearing. Perfect, except I need to put on my shoes. The big size right and a half feet of mine slide into the black pumps Liam got me way back when I was thirteen. They're still in perfect shape and I only wear them on special occasions. I twirl around in front of the full length mirror. I see the headlights of Liam's car pull into the driveway and I scramble out of the garments, he has to wait until then. 

I'm in bed reading a book when Liam comes in. His hair and top of his tux are soaking wet, "What happened to you?"
"Oh, I tried to get revenge on that rain, but I lost," I can't help but laugh. This was the boy I knew during One Direction. It's hard to see Liam more sad and serious now that One Direction is ancient history. He undresses, but leaves on his boxers, and jumps in bed next to me. 
"How's that baby doing?" he asks, kissing my stomach. He kisses my stomach a lot, he says that he wants to make sure his baby knows she's loved and special, even when she's not born. 
"Good, it's kicking, you can feel it," I say and Li puts his hand on my abs. He doesn't say anything as he does so. 

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