Learning to Trust

*Sequel to Different From the Rest*
Kady is grown up now. She is now eighteen, a far cry from fourteen. There is no One Direction, if you asked your kids about them they'd be like "are you high again?" Kady's stutter is long gone, but the fears from it will never surrender. Being alone, forgotten, useless. Mainly she can't trust, anyone, not others around her, not herself. She makes a mistake that can't be fixed, and must go on with her life. Kady has to learn that you must leave the past behind you before you can move forward and not all mountains can be moved. It's a bowl of cherries, with a few-no many, nuts thrown in.



Thank y'all so much for reading this sequel! Your comments, favorites, and likes mean the world to me, they make my day. So, on that note, I'm making a third book in the Different From the Rest series, Without Her! It's only told through Liam's point of view. It tackles hardships like being a single father. It'll be out in a few days and here's a sneak peak…

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