Fangirl meets Harry Styles


4. Rock Me

Im just saying I was Listing to 5SOS while writing this so if anything says Luke instead of Harry in sorry that's all that was going through my head. I love Luke.

I opened my eyes and in front of me on top of the building was a candle lite, table for two dinner under a white canopy with fairy lights around it. 
"Oh my god," I mouthed. 
"You like it?" Harry asked. 
"Like it? I love it. This is Exactly what I wanted," I said happily. 
"Thank you," I turned to him and hugged him tightly.
"Your very welcome," he said back. 
"Lets sit down," 
He took my hand we both sat down and a butler brought out our food and I was very impresses and surprised because I didn't think he would go all out like this. 
"Wow Harry I'm impressed," I said while cutting my chicken. 
He chuckled. 
"Really why?" 
"I didn't think you would go all out like this," 
"Well you thought wrong," 
I giggled a little and we continued eating. When we finished eating the sun had gone down and it started snowing again.
"That was wonderful," I said while the waiter took our plates.
"It really was. Now come with me," 
He took my hand again and brought me to the center of the top of the building and he wrapped his around my waist, I put my hands around this neck and the song I Won't Give Up played and we slowed dance just like prom. This was the best night ever and Jackie never even entered my mind. The only thing I was thinking of was Harry. I put my head on his chest and we slowed danced peacefully. Once the song ended Harry kissed me and I looked up at him.
"You know what happens after prom right?" He asked smirking. 
I honestly didn't know, after prom I didn't do anything but go to my friends house. 
"Uh no?" I questioned. 
"You're about to find out," 
He put his lips on mine but this time was different. It wasn't nice and gentle like usual, it was more rough and sexual. I wasn't an idiot I knew what he wanted. He bit my bottom lip and smirked again. I let his tongue slip slowly into my mouth and slowly french kissed me. His hands went down lower and lower closer to my ass and squeezed it. I don't know how many fan fictions I read about this and finally it's happening to me. He started to lift me up and we headed downstairs to his bedroom. He threw me onto the bed and stood on the ground at the end of the bed. 
"This is a song we recorded for the album and it would be perfect for this moment," he said taking off his suit jacket. He pressed play and the song began. At the time I didn't know what the song was but now I  know it was Rock Me on repeat. 
He climbed on the bed on top of me and while kissing me he ripped off his shirt and pants. His tattooed chest which I've seen plenty of times in magazines and twitter I finally saw in really life. I rubbed my hands on his chest and on his six pack. He unzipped my dress and put his hands directly on my boobs. He stated singing his solo part to me with the song while kissing my neck. I kicked off my heels and wrapped my legs around Harry pulling him closer. I flipped him over so I was top for a while. A groan could be heard deep down in his throat as I started grinding my crotch on his, his big hands cupping my bum and moving my hips harder into his arousal, making me breathe out his name. He flipped me over again. He  hovered over me and connected his lips to my bare neck, sucking and nibbling at my sensitive skin as his hands squeezed my sides, making me want him more if that was possible.
"I want you so bad right now," he growled in my ear, he grinded his hips into mine and I felt his hard on through the boxers.
He slightly pulled away, examining my body up and down.
"Fuck, you’re so hot," he whispered and bendt down again, his lips pressing to my skin and traveling down to my laced bra.
He lifted me up by my waist and his hand snook behind my back and unclasped my bra which softly landed next to the rest of our clothes. Trails of wet kisses went from my neck and down to my breasts, his lips sucking and nibbling at my skin, making me moan in frustration at his teasing.
He noticed and I felt his hand stroke over my skin towards my soaked panties, pulling them down my legs and ankles. His lips found my breasts again and I soon felt his thumb brush over my sensitive clit, making my breath stitch in my throat.
He started rubbing his thumb harder and a low squeal escaped my lips as he slid a finger inside of me, he pumped in and out of me and continued sucking and nibbling at different spots of my skin. My breath quickened and I moaned his name which only made him add a third finger and pump faster. I felt myself getting closer at each pump and kiss, and he noticed and stopped, I frowned and looked at him frustrated for not letting my come.
"I want to be inside of you when you come," he explained taking off his boxers. 
"You ready?"
I nodded with my eyes closed breathing slowly. 
"Babe look at me," he ordered. 
I opened my eyes and during the chorus at the beats he thrusted in faster and faster each time. He pressed his lips to mine again and my hands went around his neck, each of our breaths quick and unsteady as we pleasured each other different ways. I ran my fingers through his hair, lightly tugging, making him growl between kisses. He increased the pace and I felt him hitting my spot, a squeal of pleasure running out of my mouth.
I pulled him closer, deepening the kiss as the moans built up inside of me, his hips rocking harder into me as we both got needier. I felt myself getting closer at each thrust and I moaned uncontrolled several times, his name slipping through my lips now and then, making a throaty groan audible deep down in his throat.
He bucked his hips into mine continually, hitting my spot at each thrust. His hand traveled down to my clit and started rubbing me again, making my back arch in pleasure. My walls clenched around him and my legs started shaking, making it obvious that I were close so he thrusted deeper and sendt me to my high.
A loud moan drove out of my mouth as my head rolled back, his name yet again escaping my lips, which made him getting over the edge as well. I released at the same time as him, and he thrusted twice before collapsing over me, giving me sloppy kisses between breaths.
"Harry please!" I begged starting to reach my limit. 
"Keep going," he encouraged. He started to go even faster which I had no idea was even possible. 
"Harry I'm gonna!" I said. 
"Don't even think about it," he locked his lips to mine again and at one of his thrusts I felt renewed and felt like I could go even longer. 
I noticed Harry getting tired. 
"Here Harry," I rolled over and said:
"Now I'm gonna ride you," 
He laid on his back while I put his dick into me again. 
He closed his eyes and bit his lip on enjoyment. 
"Keep going," he moaned. 
He kept moaning the more I went. I loved to see him do that. 
"I'm close!" He moaned. 
"If you do I will punish you," I said. 
He was trying so hard to keep it in. This went on for another 45 minutes.  Sweat slowly went down Harry's sexy body as a laid next to him trying to catch my breath. 
"That was amazing. I've never gone that long before," he gasped. 
"Next time will be even longer," I winked. 
I rolled over and started sleeping. 
"Goodnight babe," I said. 
He started spooning me.
"Night my darling," he said kissing my cheek. 

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