Fangirl meets Harry Styles


6. Perfect

So like any game we sat around in a circle, but Niall brought some shot glasses and vodka bottles to turn the game to a drinking game. 
"Okay so each person has to take 10 shots before the game to get it started. Then during the game if you don't do a dare or answer a truth truthfully you have to take a shot and run down the street, naked. Okay?"Niall explained.
All of our eyes widened. 
"10?" Liam asked nervously. 
"10 full," Niall said. 
We just agreed and did it. 
Around the 7th shot I started to get light headed but kept going. 
Finally we could begin. 
"Danielle you go first it's you're house," I slurred.
"Okay fine. You, steph truth or dare?" She asked me. 
"I'm not ready for dare so truth," I responded. 
"Who else in his room would you bang instead of Harry?" 
"Uhh probably......... Niall," 
"Oh really?" Niall asked me.
"Yup," I said. 
"You know I am single," he said flirty.
"You know I'm dating Harry," I said back. 
He smiled back. 
"Okay so How about Louis, truth it dare," I asked Louis.
"Dare bitch," he chuckled. 
"Okay fine. I dare you to kiss Harry!" 
"Oooooo!!!" Everyone said. 
Louis was shocked.  I was a Larry shipper but I didn't hate Eleanor I mean she didn't do anything to me why hate. 
"Fine," he groaned. 
He motioned Harry to come closer. 
They slowly leaned in and Harry started smiling. Once their lips touched Zayn pushed there heads closer together and Harry wrapped his Arms around Louis and I saw some tongue in there. 
"Alright guys that's enough!" I said. They pulled apart and separated. 
"Damn Harry you were really into that!" Zayn said.
"Well because you pushed our heads together!"  Harry said rubbing his head. 
"Yeah that really hurt," Louis said also rubbing his head. 
"You'll pay for that," Louis mumbled. 
Truth and dares went on and no one had backed out yet, till Louis dared Zayn. 
"Zayn, I dare you to cheat.... On.... Perrie," he said dramatically. 
Zayn's eyes widened as he looked at everyone.
"What? I can't do that! I love her," Zayn objected. 
"Well it's ether that..... Or....... Run naked. Your choice buddy boy," Louis said looking at his Nails. 
Zayn laughed.
"Fine! Strip me!" 
He took off all his clothes and covered his junk while we went to the pavement. 
"Alright Zayn you ready to run?" Niall said.
"Yeah let's go," he said. 
Zayn started to run down the pavement as I filmed. 
It was the funniest thing watching him run and run. We laughed so much, because one we were completely drunk and we saw his junk hanging out. We came back to Liam's place and Zayn got dressed again. 
We sat casually in a circle and each of us were having separate conversations. My conversation was with Zayn and Harry's was with Louis. I don't even remember what Zayn was telling me, what I did know was he was making me laugh a ton and I kept putting my head on his chest and shoulder when I laughed. Nothing was in my mind at that moment, just drunken thoughts. My hand slowly went up to his necklace and I pulled him closer till his forehead was on mine. I just stayed there and kept breathing till I made eye contact with him. My lips and his lips started to get closer together. At that moment I felt a hand touch my back. 
It wasn't Zayn's it was Harry's. He pushed me out of the way and my head it the couch. 
Harry pinned Zayn down, slapped him, grabbed his shirt and pulled him up. 
"What were you doing with my girlfriend?!" Harry yelled. 
Drunk Harry. Holy shit is that hot. 
The room went silent and I hid my face into my hands and crawled over to Danielle.
"I-I didn't do anything! It was her!" Zayn yelled. 
"Bullshit!" Harry yelled. 
He pushed Zayn against wall and slapped him again. 
Zayn wasn't fighting back, while until that moment. He pushed Harry away and punched his nose. His hands went to his nose covering it.
"I didn't do anything!!" Zayn screamed. 
Harry moved his hands and blood was dripping out onto his white shirt. 
Once I saw the blood tears were coming down my face because this was my fault. 
"Stop!" I croaked.
No one heard me because my voice was so quiet because of tears and because Zayn and Harry kept yelling at each other. 
Harry slapped Zayn again, and Zayn grabbed Harry's hair and threw it on the ground.
Why does alcohol do this to people?
"Stop!" I screamed. They stopped moving and I got up to move Harry away from Zayn. I handed him a tissue for his nose. 
"Guys don't solve things with violence," I said to both of them. 
I turned to Harry.
"This is my fault. I'm drunk and I honestly don't know what's going on let alone was coming out of my mouth. I'm sorry you can be mad at me," I said.
He looked at Zayn. 
"I'm so sorry," he said to him. 
He looked over to me.
"I- I," is all he said to me before he left.
"Come back!" I said following him out. He was practically running from me. 
My famous boyfriend is running away from me like a crazed fan I was and still am that crashed the party. 
"Harry stop!" I yelled. 
"Stephanie shut up!" He turned around and said to me. I stopped running and so did he. 
"I knew I couldn't date a fan. That's all you are is a crazed fan! You sneak into my life, pretend you love me and then do that!" 
"I'm not pretending! I love you!" 
"For being Harry Styles the singer, not the real life person!" 
"Harry you are drunk and don't know what you're doing!" 
"Yes I do and what I'm Doing it telling you to move out and I never want to see you again!" 
He said before slamming the car door.
"Harry wait!" I yelled as he drove away.
"You're my ride," I mumbled. 
I felt like someone just stabbed me in the heart. He's my idol. 
It's like if you are a Justin Bieber fan meeting him and him saying I hate you and never want to see him again. 
I sat on the curb and slowly cried. I checked twitter and I lost a follower and it was Harry. He already un- followed  me. 
I cried and cried. I had no where to go. I stayed in a hotel that night and went to get my stuff the next day. Harry wasn't there and I packed and headed home to Minnesota like I was ordered to. Every single day till Christmas I cried knowing Harry Styles hated me. My favorite hated me. I never got a call, text, or tweet. He deleted his tweets to me saying I love you. I screen shot it know I have proof it happened. 
I kept my dancing career and haven't talked to Jackie since. I creeped into a depression and stopped doing what I loved. Dance.  I had no friends and my idol hated me. 
On tumblr I saw pictures of Harry holding hands with Taylor Swift which showed how quick he got over me. Wow. He always looked I happy with her. Not! On New Years I spent traveling to New York to dance at Juilliard. On tumblr I already saw pictures of Harry and Taylor kissing at Midnight. I remember us talking about that together. :(
January 1st I landed and stayed at a hotel. I haven't seen Harry talked to Harry since we broke up. He hated me so much. Perfect.

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