Fangirl meets Harry Styles


2. Movies

I drove up to Harry's townhouse apartment and rung the doorbell. Oh My God. He came down and answered with a huge smile. Of course he wasn't nervous why would he be. 
"Hey Stephanie!" He hugged me. 
Oh a hug. Lovely. 
"Hey Harry!" I responded. 
"Come in, I have some movies prepared," 
He guided me to his living room up the stairs and he had a HUGE plasma TV. On the couch he had blankets, on the coffee table he had bowls of popcorn, soft drinks, movies, and a little bowl of candy. 
"Sorry it's not much," he said sadly.
"Harry this is literally perfect," I smiled. 
I started to look at the movies and they all were romantic movies except one was missing.  My favorite one. 
"Hey your missing my favorite," I complained. 
"Oh! That's my favorite too! I Couldn't find it," 
"Lets go rent it then," I smiled again. 
"Really? Well lets go then," he grabbed our coats and I put on my little ear muffs and buttoned my coat. 
"Do you wanna take my car?" I asked. 
"No lets walk instead," he said. 
"Okay," I started blushing. 
It was snowing and the sun just set  with all the lampposts on. So romantic. 
We walked side my side no hold hands or anything. 

Harry's POV:
This is so romantic! Should I hold her hand? Is it too early? 
"Where should we get it?" I asked her
"Lets just go to Target," 
"Target? We don't have that,"
"Wow!" She laughed. 
The pavement started leading us to the park. She ran ahead and started to slide on the ice. I laughed and started to slid with her. We started catching snowflakes with our tongues which was good fun. She ran ahead again and swung around a lamppost giggling. 
I laughed and smiled at her cuteness. I took a picture of it for it as well. 
"My hands are freezing," she said looking at her hands.
Her hands her small and so cute! 
Here's my chance. 
"Here have mine," 
I took off my gloves and put them on her hands. 
"There quite big," she giggled.
I chuckle a little and we kept walking. 
Here's my time. I moved my hand a little closer to hers and finally took I and intertwined my fingers with hers. She looked up and me and her blue eyes sparkled in the lamp light.  Her cheeks were rosy and her smile was gorgeous. I smiled back and we kept walking. We finally got the movie and started walking home. 

That was the best walk EVER!!!! A walk with Harry Styles, OMFG. Once we got home we put the movie in and when I sat down on the couch Harry took the blanket and wrapped it around us. We ate and drank everything. At the end of the movie we starting leftover popcorn in each others mouths. Laughing and smiling. 
Around 1am I decided this night should end because I have dance tomorrow at 12. 
"Well I best be going I have dance at 12 tomorrow," I said getting up. 
"No! Don't leave!" He begged following me.
"Harry I have dance tomorrow at noon," 
"Then come over for breakfast 9am. Please," 
"Okay I will," I said buttoning my coat.
"Thanks for an amazing night," I said. 
"Anytime, I'll totally call you," 
"You better," I said pointing at home while opening the door. 
"Bye!" I said. 
I wanted a kiss but he put out a handshake. 
"Uh okay?" I shook his hand and left.
That was awkward.

Harry's POV:
Ugh!! Why did I do that! I should of kissed her. I have to run out and kiss her otherwise she'll think I'm awkward. 
"Steph!" I yelled from my door. 
"What?!" She turned around. 
"Bye!" I said again.
She waved and kept walking to her car. 
No!!! Kiss her Harry. I ran over to her and quickly turned her around. I looked into her eyes for a second and finally kissed her. 
Finally I kissed her.

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