Fangirl meets Harry Styles


7. Maybe it will

I was sleeping on the plane and all I could dream of was Harry. I had a flashback to when we went to get the movie. I felt his warm heart and smiling face looking at me. Harry held my hand the entire time we watched it and once the movie was over he kissed me hand and said
"I'll never let go," 
He did.
He let me to go. 
I started crying while I was sleeping. 
It wasn't just a fan experience. I dated him and I loved him. 
A lady tapped my shoulder.
"Are you okay?" She asked.
"Yeah, I was just dreaming of my boyfriend. He broke up with me," I sobbed.
"I'm so sorry. Are you going to see him then?" 
"He's here but he has a different girlfriend," 
I didn't realize how hard it was to talk about this. Even though it was like a week I needed more. I need more. 
Once I landed it went to the hotel and to tumblr. It was only 1pm because I got an early flight. 
Might as well go shopping. That's the only thing I can actually keep. 
I took a cab there and I made myself look acceptable. We got stuck in traffic for like an hour and I got coffee spilled on me. The wind messed up my hair and someone swore at me. Perfect. 
So many people were there, well it is New York. But whatever. 
I started buying clothes and when I was looking for a new store I stopped walking and stood there. I gulped and started breathing really fast. Down the mall hall I saw Harry walking the opposite direction towards my way. 
All of a sudden he saw me. He stood there and all I could see was him. A light only on him no one else was there. I saw his eyes start to twinkle because when you start to get tears that was it looks like. Like we sent mind messages we started running towards each other. He picked me up and started crying. I wrapped my legs and arms around him. I started bawling. 
"Steph please.......never leave me. I'm so sorry," he said still crying into my shoulder. 
"I won't! I promise. I missed you so much," I cried.
"I didn't mean to let go. It was just so cold. I'll never let go of you," he said.
"Please don't," I begged.
He put me down and kept hugging me. He kissed my head holding me. He took my chin and lifted it up with his finger.
"I've missed you so much," he said. 
"I've missed you too," I responded. 
He tilted my head up to kiss my lips. To finally feel his lips on mine, I don't know it felt so right.

Harry's POV:
Having Steph back I realized how stupid I was for letting her leave. Hugging her I felt complete, kissing her I felt loved, and being with I felt like I had a purpose in life. I was drunk like night I let her go and the next morning I was there when she packed but she didn't know it. I could hear her sobs and everything. I was such a wimp I didn't call her, I blocked her on twitter and un-followed her for Christ sake. She has every right to hate me and do what ever she wants. Except leave me. 
I took her hand and intertwined her fingers with mine. 
When I did that I thought of Taylor. I didn't even like her, I knew exactly she was using me for a song and management wanted me to stay with her till she dumped me for publicity. I realized if I dated Steph again paparazzi would see us and everyone would think I cheated on Taylor and hate me. Frantically i didn't care because I'd rather have the whole world hate me for "cheating" and have Steph than not having her and everyone loving me. 
Her hands were so much smaller than mine and it was cute. 
"I got coffee spilled on me today," she said as we started to walk. 
"That's not a good way to start out the day," I chuckled. 
"Can we actually get coffee that doesn't go on my pants?" She asked laughing a little.
"Sure thing baby," I said. 
Walking to a coffee shop I always looking over my shoulder for someone with a camera. They always hide and I know but still. Maybe my life could be back on track. Till the take me home tour begins

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