Fangirl meets Harry Styles


1. Just Met

I walked into Starbucks around 11:30 on December 14 2012 one morning and I had to wait in really long line.  While was waiting I turned to see Harry Styles on his phone. Just don't act crazy,I pretended he wasn't even there. Once it was my turn to Order I ordered my usual and when she asked me my name I think I kinda forgot to pretend Harry wasn't there. 
"I'm Stephanie and I'm all by myself no boyfriend to drink with! Just saying!" I shouted. 
"Miss, you don't have to yell," the worker explained to me. 
"Me yelling?! Please, I'm just saying I don't have a boyfriend to drink with!" 
Harry still didn't lift his head.
I need to think of something else. 
Once she gave me my drink I purposely dropped it.
"Awh darn! I dropped it! Can I have another one?!" 
"You should get one!" Some random guy said in line. 
"Like you wouldn't want one," I snickered. 
Once I got my drink I just finally gave up trying to get Harry to notice me. I sat down at the table by the window and went on twitter. All of a sudden I got a Harry follow. What? I looked up and he was standing there. 
"Do you want to have a drink with me?" He chuckled. 
"Me? Oh well, I guess I have time," I said trying to act normal. 
When I walked by the guy that made the rude comment to me I hit his cup on the ground. 
He gave me a nasty look. 
"I guess you shouldn't get a new one," I said sticking my tongue out at him. 
Once I sat down with Harry he took off his jacket and gloves and so did I. 
"Hi Stephanie," he said to me. 
"Hello Harry, how are you?" 
"Wonderful, you?" 
"Alright, I mean I actually have someone to drink with," 
He chuckled a little. 
"So, what are you doing here in London?" He asked sipping his coffee. 
"My career. I'm a professional dancer. Wherever my career takes me a go. After high school I went to Juilliard for summer did a broadway show, then lived in LA for a year now I'm here," 
"Oh, that's really cool. I'm just here because we're on a little break before all the recording," 
"It's pretty hectic Isn't it?"
"Yes, the paparazzi. But when your with your 4 brothers your fine," 
"Oh yeah how are they?" 
"Pretty good, normally really," 
"That's good," 
We talked for a little longer till I had to leave to pick up my friend. 
"It was nice meeting you," I said grabbing my coat.
"You too. Maybe we should hang out again sometime?" 
What are you serious? Did he just do that?!
"Uh yeah. Here's my number," 
I took out my pen and wrote it on his hand.  651-261-2191 ;) 
"Oh thanks," he laughed. 
"No prob, anyways call me. Bye!" I said while leaving. 
"Bye!" He smiled. 
Once I got into my car I literally screamed.
Being a one direction fan for so long And giving Harry my number it's like OMG. 
I drove to pick up my friend just singing the whole album. 
"Guess who I met?" I asked my friend Jackie when she got in. 
"Harry fucking Styles!" 
"No way!"
"Way! And plus he asked for my number!"
She already had a boyfriend that she's broken up with and gotten back together 3 times, names Ronald. 
"Oh my god serious?!"
She loved him just as much as I did. 
Once we got home I ran up to my room and ripped up all my posters.
"What are you doing?!"  Jackie asked me like I was crazy. 
"If Harry would ever come here, he would think I'm crazy!"
"What if you two don't work out?!"
I stopped and looked at her.
"Don't even say that. I will make it work," 
I threw them all away and just chilled. 
The next day he called me!
H-Hey Stephanie it's Harry
S-Hey Harry, how are you?
H-Good good. I was just wondering it you wanted to come over to watch a movie and hang tonight?
S-A date?
H-Yes, practically. 
S-Okay just text me your address and I'll meet you around 6? 
H-Perfect. See you then. 
S-Okay bye.
End of Call. 
After I hung up I screamed. 
"What?!" Jackie asked running down stairs.
"I'm going to Harry's house tonight!!" 
We both screamed.
"You lucky bitch!!" She said. 
I was actually scared to go, I was pretty nervous. 
I decided to wear my grey sweatpants, ugg boots, messy bun, and big Jack Wills sweater.
I was on my way over. 

Harry's POV:
Believe it or not, I'm nervous with her coming over here. I haven't been on a date in a long Time and I don't really know what to do. People tell me I'm the romantic type so I guess that helps. She's very beautiful. Her brown wavy hair and blue eyes, ugh oh my god. Oh she's here, don't act nervous

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