Fangirl meets Harry Styles


5. I know you

I woke up the next morning just so surprised with Harry's arm no longer around me. He was sleeping on his stomach when I turned over to look at him. I walked straight into the bathroom and took a warm shower, brushed my teeth, and got dressed. I walked out of the bathroom and Harry was still sleeping. I crawled into the bed onto Harry. I straddled his back in my jeans and cuddled him. He's still not waking up.  
"Harry wake up please," I begged. 
He didn't respond. 
I need to go home and talk to jackie then go to dance. Harry needs to hurry up and get his ass up. 
"Baby please wake up," I said again. 
He still didn't wake up. 
I decided just to give up I needed to get home an finally talk to jackie. 
"Well goodbye Harry I need to go," 
I gave him a kiss on the cheek and grabbed my purse and left.
Rude and disrespectful.
On my way home I was very very nervous about what Jackie was going to say. I walked into the townhouse and Jackie was still in bed. I went up to her bedroom and she was there with Ronald.
"Hey Jackie can we talk please?" I whispered to her.
She opened her eyes and threw her pillow in my face.
"Jackie come on. I know I fucked up but I was with Harry," I explained.
That made her sit up. 
"That's always the excuse! Oh I'm with Harry, I'm with Harry, I'm with the girlfriends. Blah blah blah! You ruin a lifetime of history to hang out with a guy you've known for like two weeks maybe?! Yes I realize he's Harry fucking Styles but you need to leave time for the people you know and love!" She shouted. 
"I do! I love Harry!" I said.
"How?! You don't even know him! He could be doing drugs for all we know! You can't love someone you barley know!" 
"I love him and we fucked last night to prove it!"
"You blew me off to fuck Harry Styles?" 
"Yup bitch," 
"Go to hell! You know what I am going to ruin the most important thing in your life and you're gonna sit back and take it," 
"Oh sure try you're best," 
"I want you out now! Move out now! If you're so in love with Harry see how you guys will like living together," 
"That means I can bang him everyday then. I know you're jealous I got the dick and you didn't! Haha!"
"Get out!" 
"I can't walk fast Harry fucked me so hard last night," 
She got up and dragged me by the hair out. I packed my bags and threw them in the car while I went to dance. 
I got done around 6 and went to Harry's place.
He opened the door and laughed because I was holding my bags in one hand and the other I had a cardboard sign that said "Someone adopt me :("
He kissed me and welcomed me in. 
"Why weren't you waking up this morning?" I asked unpacking.
"I couldn't. I was so exhausted, I still can barley walk," he chuckled.
"Check," I winked. Once I finished packing we sat on the couch and decided to talk. 
"So Jackie's really mad at me since I missed out on our annual thing," 
"How mad?"
"Really mad," 
"I'm sorry, I don't want come between you too," 
"It's fine, she's gonna get over it," 
"That's good. So what do you wanna do tonight?" 
"How about a movie this time? 
"Sure what movie?"
"Let's see what's on first," 
I turned on the TV and scrolled a little and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre just started I loved movies like that so we decided to watch that. 
"Are you gonna be scarred?" Harry asked cuddling me. 
"Uh no. I love these movies," he smiled and turned the volume up. 
When we started watching at the one of the first kills I stood up and was like 
"Yeah you ax kill him motherfucka!" 
Harry laughed and hid his face out of embarrassment. 
"What I just love it,"
"Aren't you wanted the teens to win?" 
"Uh no. I mean In the karate kid were you cheering for the little kid? No. The real karate kid," 
"You're really weird," he chuckled. 
"I mean look at what she's wearing. She's practically asking for it," I said pointing to the blonde. 
He laughed again and near the end of the movie I started drifting to sleep because I was so tired from dance. 
Harry was stroking my hair and felt him fall asleep too. 
In the middle of the night I woke him up because I just really felt like talking. We just talking about anything. 
"I have two tattoos," I said showing him a rose on my ankle and love in cursive writing on my wrist. 
"I have a lot," he said taking off his shirt to show me. I giggled.
He pointed them all out and told me the meanings. 
"I have tons of piercings," I said showing him. 
I had a belly button piercing, hip piercing, triple ear piercing, ear ring at the top of my ear, and lastly a nose stud. 
We started talking about our high school experiences and childhoods. 
Mine was very average except like any other girl body issues were the use thing. Then we talked about favorites and firsts. We feel asleep after that. 
In the morning I woke up and woke Harry up with me.
"Why'd you wake me up so early?" Harry groaned stretching. 
"I need to tell you something important!" I said urgently.
"What?!" He said eyes wide open. 
"I love you," I said sweetly. 
He smiled.
"I in love with you," he said before kissing me. 
Harry Styles was In love with me. He really was. I couldn't believe those words came out of that sexy mouth.
"I'm in love with you too," I said before kissing him again. 
"Imma go brush my teeth and get dressed," I said slowly getting up. 
I got already for a day tight black skinnys, black and white striped shirt, and black cardigan. 
When I was done getting breakfast Harry was ready to go too. 
"Let's go out for breakfast," Harry suggested.
We drove to a breakfast place I don't remember the name now. Anyways we drove there and had a really nice waffle breakfast. 
Once we finished we decided to walk to the mall, fingers Intertwined. On the way there some fans came up to Harry wanting pictures. I let go of his hand and stayed out of the pictures and was on my phone when a fan came up to me she was quite young, 10 or 11 maybe.
"Hi are you Harry's girlfriend?" She asked me.
"Yes I am," I smiled.
"You're really pretty," she complemented. The other girls heard her and agreed. 
"Thank you so much," I said.
I gave them all tight  hugs and Harry smiled. We waved goodbye and continued our walk to the mall. 
"That was really nice," I said.
"It really was," 
Harry kissed me on the cheek and we arrived at the door. While we were shopping a saw people taking pictures but I ignored it because I really needed new clothes.
We went to Macy's and looked at the Jewelry. 
"Oooo that's really pretty," I said pointing to tense huge diamond earrings. I was secretly asking for them I was just saying I really liked them. 
"They would look great on you," Harry said. 
While we were there Harry got a text from Liam invited us and everyone over to there house that night for a little get to together. 
I bought a new outfit for that night and we headed over there. 
"Let's play a game!" Niall said.
"We're not 13 anymore Niall god," I joked.
"Truth or Dare dirty version," he said. We decided to play and things were about to get crazy. 


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