Fangirl meets Harry Styles


3. Friends

He actually kissed me. He really did. I parted from him and smiled at him for a little then hugged him. A fangirls dream. All those posts on tumblr saying in reality you will never actually date the boys. Mhm. 
"Well, I'll see you tomorrow at 9 then," I smiled.
"See ya then," he said. 
I drove back home and once I got there Jackie was there with her boyfriend.
"How was your date?" Jackie asked.
"Perfect!! He kissed me on the lips!" I said throwing my bag on the couch. 
"No way!"
"Remember we're going to our annual movie fear tomorrow at 7 be here!" 
"Yeah I know,"
I ran upstairs and screamed. 
I literally couldn't wait to go back tomorrow.
I went to bed and woke up at 8 made myself look pretty but not too pretty because I can't act like I'm trying to hard right? 
I drove over there and when I made it I knocked on the door and Harry answered it in smiles.
"Welcome," he smiled. He greeted me with a kiss .
So I guess it's a regular thing... Yes!!!!
I walked into the dining room and the biggest surprise was waiting there. 
Liam, Danielle, Louis, Eleanor, Zayn, Perrie, and Niall just sitting there talking. 
I already knew Danielle because I've danced with her before and still do. I danced with her at the Olympics. 
"Oh my god," I said to Harry.
"Guys this is Stephanie. Stephanie Liam, Danielle, Louis, Eleanor, Perrie, Zayn, and Niall," 
When he would point they would wave and smile.
"Hi guys," I said nervously. 
I am meeting everyone I could possibly want to meet all at the same time over breakfast!
I sat down In between Eleanor and Harry. 
"Alright guys you can eat now," Harry announced.
"So how are you?" Eleanor asked me grabbing the bowl of fruit.
"Pretty good, I mean this was a huge surprise seeing and meeting you guys today," 
"It was nice meeting you too. Us girls were gonna go shopping later today wanna come with us?" 
"Oh I have dance today till 6" 
"Lets all go out to dinner then, the guys hang out and girls to out to dinner say 7ish?" 
Oh I have that thing with Jackie, but this is such a big opportunity.
"Alright 7ish," I agreed. 
We all continued to eat and I left to go to dance. While I was dancing Jackie kept texting me about our thing tonight. Oh god I'm so afraid to tell her I can't go. Once I was done I headed home and quickly avoided Jackie. Around 6:45 I was heading downstairs because Danielle was picking me up and I ran into Jackie. 
"Where are you going?" She asked me.
"Uh I'm going out to dinner with Danielle and the girls," 
"What? What about our annual thing?"
"I'm gonna have to pass,"
"Oh. That's okay, we can do it tomorrow night," 
"Really?! You're okay with this?"
"Totally. I mean you're going out the girlfriends I mean why would I stop you. Just please be here tomorrow. Okay?" 
"Okay promise, pinky swear!" 
"Pinky swear," 
"Alright thanks see ya!"
"See ya,"
Thank god she was okay with this, i literally don't know what I would do. 
Danielle picked me up and we met up with the girls and went out to eat. 
"So how are you Harry?" Eleanor asked looking at the menu.
"Pretty good, I mean we've only been on one other date," 
"That's it?!" She said surprised. 
"Yeah. He didn't ask me on anything else yet,"
"We can plan something for you!" Perrie said excited. 
"Like?" I asked.
"Like prom! Here we can tell Harry and you guys can dress up fancy like go to dinner and do what ever you guys want to after,"
"That sounds nice. Id like that," 
"I'll text Louis to tell Harry," Eleanor said.
"Are you guys sure Harry's gonna want to?" Danielle questioned. 
"Yeah, why wouldn't he?" Perrie said. 
"I mean, I would think Harry would want to plan the special date between Steph and him," 
"He won't mind," Eleanor said.
Well I guess this is happening.
We had a really nice dinner and had tons of laughs. That night we all stayed at Perrie and Zayn's.  Zayn was staying with the guys so we were all by ourselves. That night we were looking at dresses and places we could go to eat for our date. The next day we bought the dress it was a red one ankle length  one strap dress. With a fake small fur coat. The girls told me Harry was okay with it and was out buying a suit. He was gonna pick me up around 6:30.
The girls did my makeup and hair making me look all pretty. My hair was curled half up half down with a sliver sparkly hair clip. We all got our nails done in a French.  They put so much into this night for someone they barley knew. They made the reservations, set up a limo and everything. It's awesome! Finally it was time, right before harry came I got a text from Jackie wondering where I was.
From Jackie: Where are you I'm waiting?!?! 
Oh god!! I forgot again! I'll just not respond I'll say I never saw it. Ugh! 
Then the doorbell rang. The girls screamed and I shhed them laughing. I answered the door and Harry was there. He had a single red rosé or me and was In a handsome black suit. 
"The flower shop was closed so I only managed to get one rosé for you," he said sadly. 
"Don't worry it's perfect," I said while taking it. 
"You look so stunning," he said scanning my dress.
"You don't look to bad yourself," I smiled. 
He chuckled a bit.
"Come with me," he said taking my hand. 
He led me to the limo and we drove to This amazing restaurant, but sadly paparazzi surrounded it. 
"Oh no," Harry said.
"I don't wanna go out there," I said while we drove up. 
"Don't worry I'll project you," he said taking my hand again. He opened the door and tons of flashing lights hit my face and I was blinded. Harry was my only guidance. I covered my face because the light hurt my eyes. He kept having to push everyone out of the way and when we got inside the cameras kept flashing.
"Harry I know how much work the girls put into this but I can't take all the cameras," I objected. 
"I'm so sorry. This doesn't normally happen. I completely understand," he said sadly summing the waiter. 
"No I'm sorry for doing this," 
"Don't worry about it. Luckily for you I have a back up plan for this night," 
"You do?" 
"Duh, I always do. 
"Perfect," we left through the back way and drove to Harry's townhouse apartment.
"Here put this on," Harry side handing me a blindfold.
"Uh okay?" I said putting it on. He led me up and elevator that's all I know. I heard a big door open and a cold breeze hit my body. I felt him take the blindfold off of me. 
"Okay.... Open your eyes

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