All i want is you

Allison is just a normal city girl loves shopping going to the beach and she lives in California her dad went to jail for beating her mom to death now she lives with her Aunt. Her best friend Hannah is the biggest Belieber ever and she doesn't even like justin bieber but when
hannah gives him her number, will they fall in love?... Read to find out :)


8. What do you want?

I woke up after my 20 minute nap. I checked my phone 23 missed calls,wow i looked at the time it was 2;04 p.m. I walked downstairs to see if Karen was their.

Me:Karen!? I yelled

Of course not she wasnt, i miss her i never see her anymore. I smoothed out my shirt and called hannah and explained what happened.

*Im sorry i never should of gave him your number. she apologized Its ok its not your fault, Wanna go shopping i asked, Yes! she awncered immediately talk to you tomarrow i hung up* Justin started calling me again i decided to awncer it, *Hello? i asked Please just give me a minute He begged You get 60 seconds go. I know you dont want to hear it but i really like you even though i dont know you it was like weird feeling when i first saw you and im begging for one more chance i dont even care if its a date or not i just want you in my life even if were just friends, he stopped Ok i forgive you  but i just wont ever date you or shit like that ok just friends? Yes thats fine with me, Can you hang out? I guess no one is home come over my adress is 2313 north James st. Ok be there in 30 minutes, i hung up. I made a pact that i wont fall in love or date him ever. 

A/N: I know this is the shortest chapter ever, and i apologize for that but atleast its somthing i will update later tonight or tomarrow! Bye lovelys! 

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