All i want is you

Allison is just a normal city girl loves shopping going to the beach and she lives in California her dad went to jail for beating her mom to death now she lives with her Aunt. Her best friend Hannah is the biggest Belieber ever and she doesn't even like justin bieber but when
hannah gives him her number, will they fall in love?... Read to find out :)


5. Ugh.

I woke up to my phone ringing. *Hello? Hey, arent you so excited for the concert!? Yeah! Cool dont forget to pick me up on time and bye the way we have front row tickets! Awesome! Bye see ya later*

I looked at the time 1:23 p.m. Gosh i slept in! I got up grabbed some shorts and a tank top and did my usual shower routine. I walked out with my towel still on i went to my closet and picked out skinny jeans with holes in them and a loose shirt that was black and showed my stomache that has a infinity sign on it. I went back to the bathroom and blow dryed my hair it was curly so i just left it like that i put an some mascara and a little eye liner. I put on black pumps. Put my iphone in my pocket after checking the time 3:45 p.m. I dialed hannah's number *Hello? Hey im ready and im coming over is that cool?  Yeah come on! bye see ya in a sec. Bye* i hung up. I walked downstairs and ofcoarse Karen was at work i decided to text her and tell her where im going. I walked downstairs Grabbed my keys hopped in my care and headed to hannahs house it was only down the street but it would take like 5 minutes so i turned on the radio and As long as you love me was on i started singing along. I pulled up to her house, i took my keys out of the ignition and knocked on her door. Hey! she greeted, she hugged me. 

Hannah:You look hot! i laughed

Me: Thanks you do too! We walked in. She was wearing a black pencil skirt and a black loose top that showed her stomache that said beliber with gold glittter. With gold heels. She looked really pretty her brown hair was perfectly straight. 

Me: We should leave now because i gurantee there is going to be a long line its only 4:30 but still... and happy Birthday! 

Hannah: Thanks! she hugged me Yeah we should leave so we wont miss the concert because were in line. 

We jumped into my car and headed there.

A/N: so sorry i havent updated in a while! Ive been really busy sorry its sucky and short! Bye lovelys! I probably will update later!/ Please check out my other movella "Come and get it"!!!

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