All i want is you

Allison is just a normal city girl loves shopping going to the beach and she lives in California her dad went to jail for beating her mom to death now she lives with her Aunt. Her best friend Hannah is the biggest Belieber ever and she doesn't even like justin bieber but when
hannah gives him her number, will they fall in love?... Read to find out :)


3. Oh.My.God

 Me and karen pulled up she parker her Porshce in the first Garage and i parked My Mustang in the second garage i got out and started walking to the door overly excited. i saw the key ring so i hooked my keys. i walked back outside so i can go into the house and see what it look likes from there. I opened the door and the first thing i see is a huge staircase. Oh my god i thought.

Karen:You like? i think you do considering your mouth is hanging open. she laughed

i closed my mouth and laughed.

Me: Yeah its beautiful! i stared jumping up and down from excitement.

Karen:Go pick out your room they all have Beds and furniture in them. she smiled

I immediately ran up stairs and opened the first door i saw it was a bathroom with two sinks a walk in shower and a jacuzzie bathtub it was a huge bathroom. I opened the next door it was a huge bedroom with a California King sized bed, it had zebra print comforter with a ton of cute pillows. Above the bed there was a huge sticker thing of the eiffel tower. It was goregeous! There were three other doors i looked into the first one it was a humungus closet filled with clothes dresses and pants, skirts etc. i looked into the next door another humungus closet except it was full of all different kinds of shoes heels,sneakers,hightops,supras etc. Yeah i think my mom knew that i would want this room. I looked into the next door it was a bathroom except this one had zebra wallpaper and it had a walk in shower , a jacuzzie bathtub, there was a closet. i looked in it, it was filled with make up,hair accessories, hats, nail polish, curling irons, flat irons, etc. Oh my gosh karen had to get one heck of a job to be able to afford all this crap. 

Karen:you like? i kinda picked all this stuff out, i knew you would pick this room anyways.

Me:i love it thank you! i hugged her

i walked back out of the bathroom theyre was a huge flat screen tv hanging on the wall. and wardrobes i ran and opened them. Wow, even more clothes. 

Karen: i hope you love it. she smiled

Me: i love it so much you have no idea how much im thankful to have you! i smiled

Karen: Well its getting late better go to bed. Love you sweet heart. She came over hugged me and kissed my fore head.

Me:Love you too, what time is it? 

Karen:11:45. she walked out of my room.

I went in the closet grabbed pajama shirt and shorts, went into the bathroom and took a shower. I grabbed a towel. I looked into the mirror, all i saw was happiness in my expression. I love my aunt karen so much, i hope she knows that. i was interuppted when my phone started buzzing i ran out of the bathroom still in my towel, and grabbed my phone out of a pocket. its hannah. *Hey! i said Hows the house? she asked OMG its awesome i got a huge room like as big as my old house! and i have two closets full of new stuff. she laughed. Gotta love Karen. she said So you know how its my birthday tomarrow? she asked Yeah? i awncered questioningly. "Well i got two backstage passes and Meet and greet tickets, For Justin Biebers Concert tomarrow!!! she said excitedly Awesome! i replied goshh this cant get even better. i dont even like Justin Bieber. Ok well i will pick you up at six tomarrow? i asked her Ok it starts at 7:45 so that would be great! She said Love ya bye. i hung up* Ugh well i know its her birthday in all but did she have to pick that out of everything. I walked back into the bathroom washed my face got in my pajamas and blew dryed my hair. I layed in bed. Ugh im so exausted i though. My bed was the most comfiest thing i had ever layed on. I plugged my iphone into the charger. I saw a remote on my nightstand. No way! Its a massage bed and it moves up and down. This couldnt get better. I turned on my t.v and immediately fell asleep. 



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