All i want is you

Allison is just a normal city girl loves shopping going to the beach and she lives in California her dad went to jail for beating her mom to death now she lives with her Aunt. Her best friend Hannah is the biggest Belieber ever and she doesn't even like justin bieber but when
hannah gives him her number, will they fall in love?... Read to find out :)


9. Justin comes over

It was like 10 minutes away till 1 o'clock. I decide that i wantted to change so i ran upstairs to my room put on sweatpants, tanktop, and put my hair in a messy bun. *Ding-dong* I put on socks and went downstairs. I opened the door and there he was smiling, oh his smile was so cute. 

Justin: Hey. He smiled

Me: Hey come in. He walked past me and we both sat on the couch. It was awkward silence for about 10 minutes finally he broke the silence. 

Justin: So do you live here alone?

Me: No, my aunt got a new job but she works 24/7 and i never see her. I looked down and started to tear up. He put his finger under my chin aand lightly pulled my head up.

Justin: I know how you feel. He hugged me. He was so sweet, i gently pulled away and smiled. 

Me: thanks your the only one other then my friend hannah who ever comforts me, thanks. I smiled.

Justin: If you ever get lonely, just call me and i will come over no matter where im at. I blushed. Awe is alli blushing? he teased.

Me: I was wrong about you, you probably dont do this with everyone, so im sorry for judging you. Before he could say anything i smashed my lips to his. After a couple second we broke the kiss.

Me: Im so sorry. He just smiled so cheekily.

Justin:Dont be sorry i wanted to do that the first time i saw you, he pecked my lips again. So are we official?? he asked

Me: Not yet, We have to get to know eachother better. He smiled 

Justin: OK so where do we start?

A/N: I am so sorry i havent updated in like forever! Ive been so busy  with school. But i will be trying to update wway more now! Thanks for the 224 views! (:

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