All i want is you

Allison is just a normal city girl loves shopping going to the beach and she lives in California her dad went to jail for beating her mom to death now she lives with her Aunt. Her best friend Hannah is the biggest Belieber ever and she doesn't even like justin bieber but when
hannah gives him her number, will they fall in love?... Read to find out :)


6. Concert<3

Allis POV: 

We pulled up to the staples center,there wasnt a long lne concidering it wasnt going to start for another 4 hours or so. I put my iphone in my pocket.

Me:Hannah you got the tickets?


We both got in line and started talking about all different kinds of things till we got to the front of the line.

Security Guard:Tickets?

We handed him out tickets he scanned them and let us in. We walked to our seats we were i the front row i had the seat on the very edge,it was 6:47 p.m. We got up to get somthing to drink,We got tothe consession stand i got a large dr.pepper and hannah got a large Pepsi. We headed back talking about how many people were there we walked back to our seats and Ariana Grande was singing "The way" next was Justin bieber, He came on the stage and all the girls screamed me and hannah stood up and started singing to "All around the world" then one less lonlely girl came on. 

Justin: Who wants to be my one less lonely girl? all the girls screamed. A lady came up to me and asked if i wanted to be the one less lonely girl before i could awncer she grabbed my hand and took me bck stage we started talking my heart was beating out of my chest, Then she told me to go on stage, i walked on stage and justin grabbed my hand and he sat down on a chair and had me sit on his lap, he was still singing he haded me a bouquet of roses and a flower crown, it felt like i was in a dream. The song ended and we walked back stage.

Justin:Thank you so much for being my one less lonely girl he kissed my cheek then walked of the lady took me back to my seat, i sat down and she walked off. 

Hannah:Omg you were the OLLG! she shreiked! We got to hurry for meet and greet.  She dragged me to the line there were only 5 girls in front of us and they all went inside the room together about 15 minutes later it was our turn we handed the guy our meet and greet tickets. 

Hannah:Im so excited! 

We walked into the room and immediately saw Justin hannah started to shreik.

Justin:Well isnt it my OLLG he smiled and hugged me

Him and Hannah started talkin hannah handed him a little peice of paper and we left.

Hannah:OMG this was the best birthday ever!!! She screamed i dropped her off at her house and went to mine i parked in my garage. I Walked up to my room and didmy usual shower routine and putnon sweatpants and a tank top. I turned on my phone, i had a message *Hey its justin i got your number from your friend* Wow i thought thats what she handed him, i decided not to awncer. I laid down and went to bed.

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