"promise me you will be safe" he said looking into my eyes tears now flowing freely from his eyes. I couldn't get myself to speak so I just nodded. " think of me everyday and whenever you feel alone or lost remember all the good times we had together" he wrapped his arms around my body and rested his chin on my shoulder. we stood like that for a while until my plane was called. " he cupped my face in his hands and passionately kissed me. " I love you so so so much and don't forget that" I nodded " I love you to" I said with a horse voice.

Lucy lives in London on her own in a apartment that her uncle built for her. She has had a tough life growing up with her father dying in the army and then her mother committing suicide. she wants to make her father proud by following in his footsteps. on the way she finds the one person that will mean so much to her. will he stop her from going? or will he help her fulfil her dream?


1. Prolouge 1

*Lucy's pov*

I shut my eyes. Praying that I'm alright. I used my free hand to try and remove the rubble around me. My breathing was shallow but panicked. My head ached as did the rest of my body. I opened my eyes to be greeted with a concrete slab above me. I tried pushing it out of the way to try and get out but it wouldn't move. I couldn't see anything but the flashing light on my radio. I grabbed my radio with my hand and pressed the speak button. " Hello......... is anyone there?!" No answer. I tried again but with the same result. I pushed above me to see if there was a different way to escape. Brushing my hands above I found a small opening. I pulled rocks out of the way to find a small gap. I pulled the last rock out of the way and let the sunshine fill the small space I'm trapped in. I chucked the rock in my hand to the side. I moved as close as I could to the gap. I peered through the gap. I don't think I've been this happy to see daylight. I laid back and closed my eyes in happiness that I wasn't going to be buried alive without any sunlight. Sounds stupid, I know but I cant stand being trapped in a small area without any light. I'm sort of claustrophobic. I really don't know why the army hired someone like me who is like terrified of most things I see. I hate anything that doesn't look human or has more than 2 legs. Pathetic I know like I said I'm strange. The only thing I'm not afraid of is dying. I believe that when its your time you go


BANG!!!!!! The rocks around me started to shake. My heart started to beat frantically. I heard people yelling and screaming from the other side of the rubble. Little rocks started to fall into the hole. There was another loud bang and then it sounded like something big was falling. A couple of seconds later there was a huge crashing sound above me. A loud cracking sound was coming from the big concrete slab and I could see that the rock was going to break. I tried moving out of the way but I was too late. The slab broke in two and big rocks and debris started crashing down on me. One sharp piece of rock landed on my shoulder and dug itself into my collarbone. I screamed out in pain. I covered my face with my good arm to try and protect my face but it didn't help, a massive rock came crashing down and hit me on the top of the head. I felt something warm and wet trickle down the side of my face. I started to feel dizzy so I rested my head on the ground. I closed my eyes and started thinking about how I got myself into this mess. Why did I join the army? What could I be doing now if I wasn't stuck here nearly unconscious. The last thing that went through my mind and what actually kept me fighting and believing that I was gonna get out was. You. 

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