"promise me you will be safe" he said looking into my eyes tears now flowing freely from his eyes. I couldn't get myself to speak so I just nodded. " think of me everyday and whenever you feel alone or lost remember all the good times we had together" he wrapped his arms around my body and rested his chin on my shoulder. we stood like that for a while until my plane was called. " he cupped my face in his hands and passionately kissed me. " I love you so so so much and don't forget that" I nodded " I love you to" I said with a horse voice.

Lucy lives in London on her own in a apartment that her uncle built for her. She has had a tough life growing up with her father dying in the army and then her mother committing suicide. she wants to make her father proud by following in his footsteps. on the way she finds the one person that will mean so much to her. will he stop her from going? or will he help her fulfil her dream?


3. Chapter 2

* Lucy's pov*
I woke up to knocking on my door. I realised I had been sleeping on my sofa. Ooops I was supposed to go find a job today. Oh well I can find one tomorrow. I then realised that someone was still knocking on my door. I got up sleepily and dragged myself to the door. I opened it to a happy and smiling Niall.

"hi" I said groggily
"whoa what's the matter with you?" Niall laughed
" oh nice to see you too. And nothing is the matter with me I was just sleeping that's all." I said crossing my arms
" haha ok. Well I was just wondering if you wanna come out to a club. See me and my mates are going out and they are all bringing their girlfriends or mates and I thought that it would be nice if you wanted to come because you seem like fun" he said smiling at me.
" I dunno I haven't been drinking in a long time"
" oh please it's really fun"
"umm where are we going?"
" So you're going?" he asked with a huge smile
"I didn't say that"
"well you said we so I guessed"
" fine yes I will come only if you tell me where we're going"
" Yay! Ok we are going to this club in London called ministry of sound. It's a sick place and I haven't been there for ages so I thought why not go there"
"oh yeah I've heard of that"
" ok cool I will knock for you in about an hour"
"ok bye"

Well there goes not knowing him. But he does seem like a fun guy to hang around with.

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