"promise me you will be safe" he said looking into my eyes tears now flowing freely from his eyes. I couldn't get myself to speak so I just nodded. " think of me everyday and whenever you feel alone or lost remember all the good times we had together" he wrapped his arms around my body and rested his chin on my shoulder. we stood like that for a while until my plane was called. " he cupped my face in his hands and passionately kissed me. " I love you so so so much and don't forget that" I nodded " I love you to" I said with a horse voice.

Lucy lives in London on her own in a apartment that her uncle built for her. She has had a tough life growing up with her father dying in the army and then her mother committing suicide. she wants to make her father proud by following in his footsteps. on the way she finds the one person that will mean so much to her. will he stop her from going? or will he help her fulfil her dream?


2. Chapter 1

January 2012
*Lucy's pov*
I woke up to the cold English air blowing in my face because once again I forgot to close the window. I groaned and moved my beige covers off of me and walked over to the window to close it. The wooden floor felt like ice and that if I moved too quick I would just slip over and land right on my arse. I laughed inwardly at my stupid thought. That would never happen! But of course I had to jinx it. I was about to walk out of my room when I slipped on something cold and slippery. I screamed and tried to hold onto the door to save me but sadly I've got butter fingers, one of my many traits, I slipped and fell flat on my bum. I rolled around on the floor half in pain and laughing at the same time for my clumsiness. I think I woke up the people who lived underneath me because they started yelling at me to shut up and were hitting the ceiling. " I GOT IT!! Geez don't get your knickers in a twist!!" I yelled at them . "God someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!" I said to myself. When I finally got myself up off of the floor I walked out of my room and into the kitchen. 'Mmm what should I have today?' I thought. Healthy like some fruit? You've gotta be kidding me!! I hate fruit with a passion! Haha passion fruit. Ok that's not weird. I decided on some toast because it's nice. Oh and I put nutella on it because I love it when the chocolate melts on the toast and then when you bite it and like half of the chocolate goes around your face. 

I was about to take another bite out of my toast when someone knocked on my door. I sighed and put my plate down and got off the sofa. I walked up to the door and opened it.

" um hi " said the person who looked familiar to me.
" hi" I said
" I've just moved here and I thou- Is that chocolate on your face?" he said smirking
I scoffed "no it isn't" I lied. I always seem to get chocolate around my mouth when I eat toast.
"yeah there is defiantly chocolate on your face luv I'm not blind". He said staring at me and trying not to laugh.
" uh I thought you wouldn't notice" I said playfully.
" well a beautiful girl like you wouldn't normally have nutella on their face" he said trying to flirt
"are you trying to hit on me?" I asked amused
" yeah is it working?" he asked hopefully
"nope" I laughed
"well that's embarrassing" he turned all red
" haha don't worry we all do it"
"really!" he asked hopefully
"nope haha you're the only person who has hit on me and it hadn't worked" I said teasing him. To be honest I've only been hit on a couple other times.
" ok well let's forget this all happened"
" by the way I'm Niall"
" I KNEW YOU LOOKED FAMILIAR!!" I yelled maybe just a bit too loud.
Which caused me to get yelled at by the people downstairs again " OH SHUTUP" I yelled back at them
"sorry about that I'm Lucy" I said extending my arm to shake his  hand. He looked a bit surprised at what had just happened but he still shook my hand.
" I'm guessing you don't really get on with your neighbour's" Niall asked
" it's not that I don't get on with them it's just their too stuck up their own asses" I answered truthfully.
He just laughed
We stood there for a bit in silence waiting for someone to speak.
"so um why did you knock again?" I asked
"well I just moved in next door to you and I thought it would be nice to get to know people who I'm going to be living near"
" oh ok well feel free to knock on my door if you need any help or you could just yell at me for being too noisy cause most new people always seem to do that" I smiled at him. He just laughed at what I said.
"ok will do........ Well I gotta get going so I see you around"
"ok Niall bye"

I shut the door and walked down my hallway. I realised that I hadn't wiped the chocolate off of my face and I probably looked like a complete retard. Oh well its not like I'm gonna see him again. I know it sounds mean but whenever new people move into the apartments they always come and say hi but that's it they never come over again. I dunno I might have something wrong with me but I dunno I seem pretty  normal ,I think.

If your wondering why such a normal girl like me is living in an amazing building/ apartment is because my uncle he owns a really popular building company and he built it and the owner of the building was so pleased with how he built it he gave my uncle an apartment. So I feel pretty cool to have such an awesome uncle but I also seem needy because I didn't really get given the apartment. I think he did it out of pity.

You see When I was around 15 my dad joined the army. He served in Afghanistan but sadly after a year out there he got shot and died. My mum couldn't bear the thought of not living without my father so she committed suicide about a month after she found out about my dad. I stayed with my uncle until I was 18 then he gave me the apartment. I am really great full for what he has done for me and that I will have to repay him one way or another. 

I sat back down on my sofa and started eating the rest of my toast in peace.

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