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  • Published: 10 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 5 Oct 2013
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Rose is a vampire. In her new hometown of San Francisco, California, she finds that vampire hunters do exist, and they are after her!


5. Chapter 5

After school, I locked the doors to the small condo I had purchased, (Don't ask where I got the money), and covered the windows with newspapers, so I could walk around my own home without looking like I can get cold. I knew they were coming for me. Karan, Alexander, and Maya. The vampire slaying club, which all the mortals assumed was an extremely exclusive club for the 'cool kids'.

I'd seen more of the VSC, as they called themselves. Alexander and Maya tried to pull off my coat so I would burn to death, and Karan jumped on me at least five more times. The cornered me in gym, trying to stab me with pencils, and carried garlic with them everywhere. No clue why everyone thinks they are so amazing...

"I want to leave. I want to get out of here already." I sighed to myself. I didn't want to be killed. I just wanted to mind my own business. The VSC didn't want to let me. I lowered my hood, and my hair puffed up, the voluminous ponytail unaffected by being stuffed under a hood all day. Then, my doorbell rang.

Cursing, I ran up to the peephole, and glanced through. "Thank G--." I tried to say, but I couldn't get out the last couple letters. My throat burned. I guess being a vampire automatically makes you unable to be Christian. Anything else that guy could've ruined?

Outside of the door stood a petite girl with black hair, which was cropped short. She was pale, like me, and wore a coat. Could it be somebody like me?

"Hello?" I said, as I opened the door. The girl ran in, and slammed the door, locking it tight. "They're after me!" She cried out. "The VSC!" I gave her a death look.

"So, you led them here, so we could both die?" I hissed. I didn't know this girl, but she was getting really annoying. "Tell me your name, and what happened." I commanded.

"My name... Taylor." She whispered, and sat down, as if she was exhausted.

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