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  • Published: 10 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 5 Oct 2013
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Rose is a vampire. In her new hometown of San Francisco, California, she finds that vampire hunters do exist, and they are after her!


4. Chapter 4

"I have a skin condition. Any exposure to sunlight will burn my skin instantly." Trying to speak clearly with caps over my fangs was hard, but I had to say it. I wanted this so much. I had already left my hometown in New York.

My parents and friends thought that I had died in a fire at a warehouse. I technically had something to do with the fire, but not what they thought; I set it, and made sure a girl who looked a lot like me was in there. I didn't feel regret of the murder. We all had our secrets, and mine was that I killed someone before that. I murdered a classmate in cold blood because she wasn't worth leaving alive. That was my excuse to myself, at first. I don't regret anything anymore.

I wore colored contacts to make my eyes green, a thin coat with gloves, tights, and boots to make the school administrators think that I actually had a skin problem. My hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, as if I was a cheerleader. That's what I did before I was guaranteed a life away from the sun.

"Well, Miss... Adams. Your first class is History in building C. Have fun." A round woman with grey hair, and more wrinkles then I could count said. Rose Adams. What a name. Before, I was Anne Rescot. Everyone thought that I was a loser. I don't want that to happen here.

I walked out, and somebody jumped on me. "Leave now, while you still can, leach!" A blonde girl hissed in my ear, her braid hitting my face. "Whoa, Karan. Don't scare the new girl away, yet." Her friend, a tall male with a buzz cut laughed.

Karan whispered, "Welcome to San Fran. Home of Vampire Slayers."

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