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  • Published: 10 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 5 Oct 2013
  • Status: Complete
Rose is a vampire. In her new hometown of San Francisco, California, she finds that vampire hunters do exist, and they are after her!


3. Chapter 3

At nightfall, I escaped the disgusting facility I spent my day in, only to bump into him. The stupid man who made me like this last night. "What, going to ruin another innocent life?" I shoved him against an alley wall, astonished by the speed and strength I got into the attack. He hissed and bared his teeth. They looked like normal teeth, except for the needle sharp fangs where his canines should've been.

"Not at all, sweetie. I'm not surprised that you're still here. Newborns like you aren't the brightest. But here is some advice: Get out of here while you still can." He struggled. I looked into his eyes; they were a darker red than mine. "Okay, just shut up!" I screamed, and punched in his face.

His face caved in, but popped back out. It was like punching a very durable balloon. "Sweetie, I can't help ya if ya gonna be like that." He sighed. "Just... figure it out for yourself." And he shoved me away, and vanished. I wondered how he did that.

Then, it hit me right in the face. Literally. A business card hit my face. I grabbed it, and read, "Aro Dolionski. Councilor." The man had written me a note on it. "Call me if you change your mind about acting like a..." I didn't finish reading, just so I wouldn't track him down and kill him now. Then I got the idea that has helped me for the rest of my immortality.

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