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  • Published: 10 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 5 Oct 2013
  • Status: Complete
Rose is a vampire. In her new hometown of San Francisco, California, she finds that vampire hunters do exist, and they are after her!


1. Chapter 1

He ran up to me. He looked me in the eyes. His skin was cold as the freshly fallen snow his face's color reminded me of. He was, in fact, whiter than snow. Before I could process what was going on, he bit my neck.

I was about to slap him, to tell this exquisitely handsome man that I didn't most girls didn't like to be bitten. If I had walked away right then, I would've been completely alone when the fire started. His teeth had made two small holes in my neck, and I could deal with pain, but this was like my throat was literally on fire.

Screaming, I collapsed to the ground in agony. The pale man looked down at me, my blood staining his lips a horrible red color. Then he was gone. The fire had spread out into my entire body and, I yelled for help. Suddenly, the pain stopped. I felt my body get cold, just like the man's. My previously tan skin was white.

I got up like nothing had happened. There was a faint burning in my throat, like I was just really thirsty. I ran to the bathroom, where there was a water fountain. A gasped when I saw my reflection. I saw a gorgeous, pale girl, who's hair the exact same auburn as mine, except more silky and beautiful. What really shocked me was my eyes. They were the color of the man's lips just before he left. They were red.

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