Kylee Hart was an ordinary girl until one day she met Niall Horan on facebook

will niall fall for kylee or will he find out the nasty truth?


2. meeting him

kylee kylee wake up shouted cadence. for an 18 year old she is pretty immature. what cadence i screamed its 6 a.m. i had said! i know i know she said but theyre having a sale at hollister our favorite store. you woke me up for that couldnt wait until 8.

since i was up i decided to check my instagram. omg i yelled i found the real niall horan also he follows you back so i followed him and 20 minutes later he wanted to follow me so i hit of course accept. niall had pulled me into a private chat group and gave me his number. he told me to txt him sometime he really liked my bio and thought that i was someone that i would be cool to hangout with!

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