Out of Time (16+)

Zayn's a contract killer. He's hired by people all over the world to kill certain people for certain reasons. He doesn't care who they are or what they did. He's got one job. Eliminate the target and don't leave a trace.


1. New Assignment

                I looked over the building before entering slowly. I observed everything, studying the features in the building, from the colors of the wall to the creak in the wood floor. "You must be Zayn Malik." A small voice said. I snapped my head up and saw a slightly older woman sitting at a desk. "And you are?" I asked, walking over to the desk. "Amy, Mr. Cooper's assistant." She said standing. I simply nodded, studying her face. I could see her trembling. "Are you scared?" I asked. "N-no sir, but Mr. Cooper has been waiting for you. Right this way." She said turning and walking to the stairs.

                 I quietly followed her into the room. "Mr. Cooper? Zayn Malik is here for his appointment." She said. I saw a big black chair spin around, revealing a man in his late early fifties. "Mr. Malik, very good to see you." He said, standing and sticking his hand out. "Very good indeed." I nodded, shaking his hand firmly. "Let's get straight to business, shall we?" He said sitting in his seat. "We shall." I said taking a seat in front of his desk. 

                 "How experienced are you?" Mr. Cooper asked, folding his hands in lap and leaning back. I couldn't help but let out a laugh. "Mr. Cooper, you said you wanted the best, so here I am." I said. "How long does your process take?" He asked. "I like my work done very precise, I study my target before eliminating it. Honestly, it depends on who the person are. If they let anyone into there life, it can be as short as a few day, but if its a closed-off person, it can take as long as months." I said honestly.

                 "How do you pay?" He asked. "I ask about $500,000 for each target." I said. "Done, you're hired." He said as he pulled out a file. "This is everything you'll need to know about her." He said sliding it over to me. I saw the picture of a girl, about my age and studied her facial features. "Her name?" I asked. "Savanna Cooper, my daughter." He stated. "I hope that doesn't scare you Mr. Malik." He said. I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "Mr Cooper, I must tell you. Nothing scares me." I said, standing up. "Absolutely nothing."

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