Out of Time (16+)

Zayn's a contract killer. He's hired by people all over the world to kill certain people for certain reasons. He doesn't care who they are or what they did. He's got one job. Eliminate the target and don't leave a trace.


3. Morning Dew

                I sat up and yawned, looking over at the clock seeing it was 5 o'clock in the morning. I got up and ruffled my hair, throwing a pair of sweats and a t-shirt on to go for a jog. I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and grabbed my keys. I figured that Savanna wasn't going to get up for quite a while, figuring her late night with loverboy.

              I stretched my arms out  and cracked my back before opening my door and stepping out and locking the door behind me. I was turning around to head down the stairs when I felt someone run into my side, I spun around to see Savanna on the ground. "Oh I'm sorry, y'alright?" I asked sticking my hand out to help her up. "I'm so clumsy." She laughed, taking my hand as I pulled her up.

             "Oh!! You must be the new neighbor!!" She smiled. "Yeah, I just got her a few days ago." I said. "Well, this apartment isn't much, but welcome!" She giggled. "Thanks." I chuckled, cracking a smile. "I'm just going for a jog now." She shrugged. "It's kind of a morning ritual for me." She added. "Yeah, I'm going for a jog to." I said. "Hey, do you wanna run together? I mean, I know we just met and you're probably wondering why a complete stranger is asking you to run with her but.. well shit, now I'm rambling." She said shaking her head. "It's alright." I chuckled.

            "Well, I'm Savanna Cooper!! And you are?" She asked, sticking out her hand. "Zayn, Zayn Malik." I said shaking her hand. "Well Zayn Malik, would you like to run with me?" She asked me, walking down the stairs. "Sure." I smiled, jogging down the stairs with me. I held the door open for her and walked out behind her.

             She stopped and closed her eyes, smiling. "I love to hear the morning sounds." She said with her eyes closed. I stood there and watched her, as soon as she turned around she turned a bright red. "I'm embarrassing myself so bad." She said shaking her head. I shook my head. "No you're not actually. It's actually pretty cool, I love to her the crickets chirping, and the birds harmonizing with the crickets, I love to see the sun peak over the horizon and I love the feeling of fresh dew, sticking to my shoulders." I said, seeing her smile grow wider. "That put into perfect words about what I love about the morning." She said. I motioned to her for us to get going. "Shall we?"

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