Out of Time (16+)

Zayn's a contract killer. He's hired by people all over the world to kill certain people for certain reasons. He doesn't care who they are or what they did. He's got one job. Eliminate the target and don't leave a trace.


2. Learning the Target

               I sat at the back table, watching food come back and fourth between the kicthen and the dining room. I watched her with a man, a tad bit older than her. Her boyfriend maybe? I don't know, all I know is that it's day four and I still haven't said a word, which needs to change. I watched her as she abruptly got up, the chair screeching against the floor as she slapped him across the face. She ran out of the restaurant and I threw money on my table, paying for my wine.

              I snuck out of the restaurant after the man followed her, I quietly followed them as they ran down a dark alley. "Savanna!" He shouted. "Get the hell away from me Jacob!!" She sobbed. "Look babe I know I screwed up, but I've been so busy! I didn't mean to forget our anniversary." He said embracing her in his arms. She hit his chest multiple times and he took the hits. I sat there quietly in the dark as her crying calmed down.

            "M-maybe I did overreact baby." She whimpered. "Shh darling, let's forget about this and enjoy the rest of our anniversary, yeah?" He asked, caressing her cheek. She stiffed a nod and held his hand. "How about we get home and I can make it up to you?" I didn't have to see his face to know he was smirking as he said that. "I'd like that baby." She smiled, leading him out of the alley. 

           I took that as my queue to leave and call it a night, cause I knew what they'd be doing as soon as they got back home. Although, their home is my home, I rented the apartment next to them. I quietly followed them as they were all over each other like a pair of newly weds. I shook my head and jogged past them nonchalantly, getting to the apartment quicker.

          I glided into my apartment and turned the news on, and strolled into the bathroom, quickly stripping down and getting into a hot shower. I ran over every way I could start talking to her, maybe not tomorrow, but the next day. I need to start on a good foot, not start out with her thinking that I'm a creep. I sighed and stepped out of the shower, shaking out my wet hair and wrapping a towel loosely around my waist.

           I walked out of the bathroom and dropped my towel, sliding a pair of boxers on and walks to the fridge. I opened it a grabbed a beer before going to sit on the couch to look over Savanna's file. She's 5'5, light brown hair with ice blue eyes, she's got a birthmark on her wrist in the shape of a heart, her blood type is A positive, she's unemployed, she's got a dog named princess, let's face it. I know her like the back of my hand.

           I yawned as it looked at the time, 11:38 and time for bed. I turned out every light and crawled into bed, fluttering my eyes shut. It wasn't long before I heard there door swing open and a long night began. I eventually put earphones in and fell asleep with The Fray playing in my ears.


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