The blade turns to scars

Emotional pain of cutting yourself.
Det er også mit bidrag til digte konkurrencen.


1. The blade turns to scars.

If you’re going through hell

Try not to loose it

I’ve been in that spot

It only caused me bruises


A story of my life

Through the pain and the tears,

A story of my life

I’ve been living it for years


You don’t want it to stop

When you feel the blade moving

The blood hits the spot

And your mind starts to loosen 


Forget about the past

And forget about the pain

My heart will melt again

And my mind will slowly fade


The cuts turn to scars

And the scars turn to heartache

When will it stop?

When will my heart break?


I try to leave this world

But this world has left me

I try to leave this life but,

This life wont set me free


I cry myself to sleep

I try to fight the tears

I cried too much last night

More than you have cried in years


My body is in pain

My mind in disbelief

The wounds you can’t see

Hurt worse than you think. 

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