Rome was a normal girl who lived in a village, that was until she was cursed by a prophecy.


12. Chapter Twelve

I keep rereading the letters over and over again. I'm hoping that the more I read them the more I'll know who this guy is. I keep trying to piece things together, but haven't come up with anything. This guy could be anybody or anything.

"You're still looking over that?" Nathaniel asks, sitting down on my desk. I nod my head. I push the letters to the side. Nathaniel picks them up and looks over them. His eyebrows furrow. "Why does Devon want to kill you?" Nathaniel basically growled.

"I don't know." I sighed. I have my reasons why I want him dead, but I haven't done anything to him. Nathaniel looked angry. I would be too if somebody was threatening to kill Nathaniel. "Do you have any idea who the guy he's writing to is?" I asked. Nathaniel is a genius. If anyone could figure it out it'd be him.

"No, but we could always track him down." Nathaniel suggested. I bite my lip, thinking. Yes, we could track him down, but we'd need a plan. We have no idea who this guy is. He's obviously allies with Devon, which means he can't be trusted.

"Yes, I suppose we could." I said. "But it's too dangerous." Nathaniel smiled.

"When have you ever shied away from danger?" He asked with his eyebrows raised. I laughed. I tend to throw myself into dangerous situations, but I have a clan and pack to think about. I don't want them to get hurt.

"Okay, we'll track him down." Nathaniel nodded his head. "His address is on the back, so let's hope he's still there. "Go get Raven, Pandora, and Shade...."

"What about Zaphara?" I glared at him. She's a good fighter, but at this point she can't be trusted.

"She's visiting family. We can't trust her." I told him. He nodded his head. He left the room. A few moments later they all walked into my office. I got up and stood in front of them.

"I have decided that we will be tracking down Devon's ally." They nodded their heads. "I believe that we're all well trained for this task, but we'll need a few days for planning. Raven you will be in combat if the situation calls for it; you're our best fighter." Raven nodded her head. "Pandora you will be teaming up with me as my backup. Shade and Nathaniel I'm trusting you two to take down any threats that could ruin our plan." Everyone nodded their heads.

"Let's get started." I said.


It took two days to come up with a good plan. Now we're on our way to head to the address where Devon's ally should be. If he's smart he'll already be gone, but I'm hoping that he'll still be there.

"Is everybody ready?" I asked them. They nodded their heads. "Good," I said.

It took a while for us to get there, but we made it. It was a normal sized house. It wasn't anything fancy- not like our castles. It was in the middle of nowhere, completely isolated.

My eyes searched over the house and the land. There wasn't anything suspicious going on so far. It didn't look like anybody was home.

"I'll go check everything out." I said. Raven shook her head.

"Let me come with you. We can't risk losing you." I sighed.

"Alright," I said. "The rest of you will stay here unless I give you an order." They nodded their heads. I grabbed my backpack and put it on my shoulders. Raven walked in front of me, much to my displeasure. But I know she was leading the way in case something happened, she'd be able to protect me.

Raven twisted the doorknob. The door opened and we quietly walked inside. We listened for any sign that he was here. His scent is strong, so he's only been gone for about ten minutes. He's not here.

"Do you think he's left?" Raven asked me. I shook my head as I walked downstairs. I had searched every room upstairs. Only one room was occupied and everything was there.

"He'll be back." I said. I'm sure he will be. If he wasn't going to be back he would've packed some of his stuff. "We'll just wait until then." Our plan had been for nothing. There didn't seem to be a threat, but I'm not putting my guard down.

Raven and I sat up a chair and got some rope to tie him up with when he got back. I have no idea if this will be strong enough to contain him. If he's one of us he'll be able to break out of the rope.

Once we get some answers from him everybody else will come in. I hope this will work. This guy, whoever he is could be the missing link. If we get answers from him we'll be one step closer to finding out how to break the curse. I know in the end breaking the curse will be up to me. And I'm ready for that moment I can finally be free.

Raven and I hid in the dark hallway that was close to the staircase and the front door. The door opens and the guy who's been allies with Devon for a while walks in. I look over him, trying to figure him out. He seems to be stressed. Maybe that'll make it easier to get answers out of him.

"Come out whoever you are. There's no need for you to hide." He said. His voice was deep, cold. He looked young around eighteen. My breathing hitched. How did he know that we were here? I take a deep breath and step out. I keep my distance. I can't trust him and I won't.

He looked at me, studying me, trying to figure me out. My face was blank from emotion. I'm not going to let him read me like an open book.

"Hello, Rome," he smiled. I furrowed my eyebrows. Of course Devon would tell him who I am. But how does he know what I look like? He seemed to be trusting, but I'm not about to let him fool me.

"Hello," I say back. He walks into the living room and I follow him. I'm not really sure why. I'm curious to see who and what he is. It's obvious he's not a werewolf or vampire. But I can't figure out what supernatural being he is.

"I know why you're here and I'd be happy to give you answers." I study his face to see if he's lying. He masks his emotions well.

"What's in it for you?" If he's allies with Devon he has to have an ulterior motive. He just laughs.

"Nothing," he smiles. His smile drops. "You don't believe that, do you?" It was a rhetorical question. "Of course not." He sighs. He seems to be deep in thought. "What could I do to make you trust me?"

"Probably nothing." I say. He nods his head. Raven joins us then. Her eyes widen when she sees him. I really need to know his name. I can't keep referring to him as just 'him'.

"My name is Ezekiel, but you can call me Zeke." He smiled. I nodded my head. "I guess we should get down to business. I will explain some things to you and you can explain some things to me."

I sighed, "fair enough."

"Devon has told me some things about you and I want to know if they're true." I scoff.

"I highly doubt they are. We're enemies." Zeke narrowed his eyes and nodded his head.

"Your story intrigues me quite a bit." I find it weird that someone would be intrigued by the curse I have. To be honest I'm not sure how I feel about it. "You were cursed, correct?" I nod my head. "And ever since that fateful day you've been running both a clan and a pack." I nod my head again. "I understand that you need help breaking the curse and I'm more than happy to help."

"That's kind of you, but I've got all the help I need." I said. Zeke rolled his eyes.

"Let me tell you one thing. There is something big coming and you'll need allies." I glare at him.

"How do you know there's something big coming?" He smirks.

"I'm an angel and I can see into the future." An angel? I've heard about them, but I've never met one until now. He doesn't seem like an angel.

"Why do you want to help me?" I ask the question that's probably on both my mind and Raven's.

"It's simple. I don't like Devon and I'm a sucker for helping people who actually need it. Devon doesn't need my help; he just needs me to spy on people." Zeke rolled his eyes.

"You probably already know the outcome of this conversation." He smirked.

"Yes, I do." I close my eyes and then open them. I feel like I can trust him. He's been straightforward and to the point. But I have to think about this, really think about this.

"I'm guessing that I agree to you wanting to help me?"

"I cannot tell you that." Of course not! I look over at Raven. She seems to be in another world. I glance at Zeke and then back to her. Don't tell me they're mates.

"Well, Zeke....you're officially in my clan/pack. I'm trusting you. If you break my trust I won't hesitate to destroy you. I don't appreciate cowardice or traitors." Zeke smiles.

"I promise to serve you until you don't need my help. But I'm going to say we'll be good friends." He probably knows we will be. That little shit. "You have my loyalty." I nod my head.

"You can go over to your mate." I said. His eyes widen. I smirk. "I have a mate of my own. I know the look." I smiled. It seems like it's been so long since I've truly smiled and meant it.

Now we're going to have to see everybody else's expression when I tell them Zeke is our ally. I just hope I've made the right choice trusting him.


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