Rome was a normal girl who lived in a village, that was until she was cursed by a prophecy.


3. Chapter Three

I walked through the wooden doors of the castle and took off my cloak. Pandora ran up to me.

"What's wrong?" I asked her. She bit her lip.

"You can't get mad. I know that's hard for you, but it's important that you don't." She said. What the hell is she talking about?

"What the actual hell are you talking about?" I asked.

"Shade told me not to tell you." I rolled my eyes and followed her into the meeting room. It had a long black table that sat all the members in the castle. The walls were striped black and white. The carpet was red. It was a huge room.

"What is this about?" I asked impatiently. I sat down at the head of the table. Shade stood up.

"It's about you, Rome." He said and bowed his head after he spoke. I sighed. I'm pretty sure I haven't done anything wrong lately. I've been trying a lot harder. That means that the real Rome has been getting stronger. I can't let that happen. I'd be disgracing my ruler.

"Well, what about me?" I asked bitterly. I ran my fingers through my midnight black hair.

"It's about your mother." Shade said. My eyes widened. I let the real Rome take over since it was her mom and not mine. I can be nice when I want to be.

"What about her? Is she okay?" Rome said, worry etched in her voice.

"She's fine, but she was hiding a huge secret from you...." Shade trailed off.

"My mother wouldn't do that." I said. "She told me everything." Well, I thought she told me everything.

"I suppose she thought she was protecting you, which in a way she did for sixteen years." I nodded my head for Shade to continue. "Your mother was a werewolf." I stood up from my chair.

"No, she wasn't!" I shouted. But in my mind it made sense. That's how I'm half werewolf and vampire. She would disappear for short times during the day and night. I had always thought it was her way of coping with my dad leaving us. I didn't ever think for a minute that she was a werewolf. Why would she hide this from me?

"This just means that you need to pick a side as soon as possible." Raven said, standing up. I nodded my head and sat back down. How could I pick with the Luna Lamia taking over my body ninety-nine percent of the time?

"I don't have to!" Luna Lamia shouted. Why did she have to take over now? "Anyway I'm sure Rome is going to pick the vampire's side." I smirked.

"Let her out Luna!" Shade shouted. I smirked again.

"You can't tell me what to do, Shade. I'm pretty sure you're not my mate or head of the clan and pack." I smirked. He glared at me. I saw the pain all over his face. I know he likes Rome, but I won't let him get in the way of my plans.

"Is that all you had to tell me?" I asked. They nodded their heads. "Well, excuse me I must be going now."

"You won't win." Pandora shouted at me. I turned around.

"Oh, yes I will." I said and walked gracefully out of the room. Nobody will ruin my plans! I should hurry and complete the process now. I ran to my room and locked the door. I got out the celestial blade knife, the fastest way to kill a werewolf if you don't have wolfs bane. She's more wolf than vampire. I won't die, but she will.

I brought the blade of the knife to Rome's neck. She shuddered, causing me to smirk. I sliced Rome's neck. Blood didn't come out of it like a mortal's would've.

I felt her slip away. Oh, this was genius! I felt her fighting, but she'd be dead in a second. All of a sudden I fell to the floor. Rome had taken control. How the hell did she take control?

I suddenly felt myself slip away. I knew I wasn't dying, but it was something. Rome is stronger than I had thought.

I finally took control! Well, for a little bit. I started thrashing around. It was almost like when I was first turned. I grew clammy and weak. The celestial from the knife was starting to kick in. I have to keep fighting. I can't let her win.

I screamed. It hurt my own ears. I didn't care though. I heard running from the hall.

"Rome open the door!" Shade demanded. I couldn't open it. I couldn't even move from the floor. The red carpeted floor wasn't the most comfortable, but that was the least of my worries. I heard the door fall to the floor. My vision started to go fuzzy. "Rome please stay with us. We need you; I need you." I shook my head.

"I can't." I managed to get out. It was only a mumble. He brought me onto his lap, so my head was laying on his lap. He started caressing my cheek. I didn't notice the others in the room. To me it was only Shade and I. That's all that mattered.

"Please, don't go." He whispered in my ear. I nodded my head. I couldn't speak. "I'm going to try and make the pain go away, okay?" I nodded my head. What is he going to do? He brought his lips to mine. I was shocked at first, but I soon kissed him back.

I couldn't feel the pain anymore. All I was focused on was Shade. I didn't care that there were other people in the room. I had been waiting for him to kiss me for a while. He pulled away.

I didn't feel the pain. It was gone. Shade carried me to my bed.

"Thank you." I said. He smiled and nodded his head. "Will you stay with me tonight?" I asked him. He looked shocked.

"Are you sure?" Shade asked me. I nodded my head. He got in next to me. The others had left the room. He wrapped me in his arms. I felt safe.

"Thank you again." I said. He shook his head.

"It wasn't a problem, Rome. I'm glad I could help you." I smiled.

The rest of the night consisted of Shade and I talking and joking around. When I first met him I had thought he was evil. He really isn't though. I guess he just gives off that impression. He's the only one who can truly make the Luna Lamia go away.





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