Rome was a normal girl who lived in a village, that was until she was cursed by a prophecy.


1. Chapter One

It was a normal day in my town. We lived in a village. A lot of us were poor, including my family. I didn't mind though. I had all I needed: my mom and sister. Our village believe in these tales. They believed in blood sucking creatures. They believe in werewolves. They even taught us about these 'creatures' in school. I had never believed in such nonsense. My mom didn't want me to believe in them. I respected that and made sure I would never believe in these evil creatures.

I remember the day clearly, like it happened just yesterday. I remember helping my mother run her stand. People loved the jewelry she made. They hadn't seen anything like it. The day had been gloomy, with no sunshine beating down on us.

I remember having a strange feeling all day. I didn't pay it any attention though. I just thought it was me being paranoid. I, of course was wrong.


"Thank you, miss." Viola said. In this village everybody knew everybody, it was too small not to. My mother's eyes grew wide. I gave her a confused look.

"Go inside now, Rome." She said frantically. I nodded my head and ran inside. What is going on? I ran to my room. I had to share it with my little sister. She was at school right now. I heard shouts and screams coming from outside.

I can't leave my mother out there. I got up from my hiding place and ran outside. My mom has to be safe. Whatever is going on she needs to be alright. Not for my sake, but my sister's. Our dad had left us when I was only four.

I was used to taking care of myself, but my sister wasn't. I didn't see my mom anywhere. I looked around, but couldn't find her. In fact the whole village was empty. It looked like I was the only one outside.

I walked into the road. I locked eyes with a guy with red eyes. Who has red eyes? I was suddenly filled with the feeling of pain. I knelt to the ground. Make it stop! I tried fighting it, but it wouldn't go away.

I heard the sound of boots walking over to me. The guy that I had locked eyes with crouched down. He shook his head.

"You poor thing," he said without any feeling. I knew he didn't mean it. He didn't care. I could tell that he was evil. His red eyes gave that away. He touched my cheek. I flinched and moved away. "You should've stayed inside." I glared at him. I wasn't going to give up right away.

Whoever was causing me the pain wasn't letting off. Why wasn't anybody helping me? I don't have to ask that- they're too scared. I should've listened to my mother, but I had to make sure she was okay.

"What are you doing to me?" I asked in pain. He smirked.

"I'm not doing anything to you, darling." He said. His voice made me whimper. His voice was cruel. "Pandora get over here!" He shouted to somebody. A girl came out of nowhere. Where was she hiding?

She had blue hair, which I'm sure wasn't natural. Her skin was ivory and perfect. She was tall and skinny.

"What do you want, Shade?" She asked, rolling her eyes. Her eyes were black, unlike Shade's.

"Go get your stupid friend. We're going to change this girl." My eyes widened. The girl looked down at me with sympathy. That can't be right though. I didn't think these creatures had feelings. Pandora ran off to get her friend, whoever that was.

My heart was beating fast. I was more than scared. They're going to kill me! I noticed that I couldn't feel the pain anymore. Pandora must've been the one causing the pain. Shade is obviously a vampire. What is Pandora? She must be a werewolf or something.  

"I'm surprised you're not trying to get away." Shade said. I rolled my eyes.

"How can I when you're holding me down?" I said. He smirked.

"Yeah, I made the right decision picking you." He said. The smirk didn't leave his face. What did he mean? I didn't say anything back. What would I say? He wasn't going to let me go. A minute later Pandora came back with another girl. She had black hair and tan skin. She was also tall and skinny. She looked nice, but I knew that that was a mask.

"I'm Raven." She introduced herself. Shade gave Raven a weird look. She glared at him. They obviously don't get along. "She sure is being cooperative."

"Yeah, for now," Shade said. "Let's just hurry this up."

"I'm not helping you guys with this." Pandora said. "This is wrong." Shade rolled his eyes.

"Pandora this is what we do. We need a powerful girl in our clan and I think she has the potential. Are you going to help or not?" Pandora shook her head and ran off. "She's so annoying."

"She's your sister." Raven pointed out. Shade threw her a glare. "Alright let's get this over with. We-I'm sorry." She said. Raven pinned me down.

Before I knew it I felt teeth biting into my neck. I screamed. It hurt so badly. I looked up at one of the house's windows. A woman was watching. She had tears in her eyes. It must've been hard to watch.

I felt my insides burning. I felt like I was on fire. My head started to pound. I started thrashing around. I had never ever been in this much pain. My vision started going fuzzy. I couldn't scream I was in too much pain.

All I could see was darkness, but I could hear. I heard my mother's scream. She had just lost her daughter.

I woke up. I had to blink a couple times because of the light. People were crowed around. Who are these people? Then I remembered what happened. I felt sick. What am I now?

"You're up!" Pandora said excitedly. I gave her a confused look. Shade was there I noticed. He glared at Pandora. "I'm sorry." She whispered. Why's she sorry?

I noticed that I shouldn't have heard that. She was whispering it to Shade. How could I hear that? I noticed that I could see much better. It was like everything was better. I would defiantly have to get used to this.

I looked around. I was in a room with black walls and a grey ceiling. The carpet was a cream color. I noticed that I was lying in somebody's bed. I came to the conclusion that I was in someone's bedroom.

I sat up, but soon regretted it. I became dizzy.

"Whoa there," Shade said rushing over to me. Why was he being nice all of a sudden? It's probably my imagination.

"She's fine, Shade." I heard a girl say, bitterly. I didn't know who it was.

"She needs to adjust to being...." he trailed off. He shut his eyes.

"What am I?" I asked. Shade opened his eyes. His red eyes bored into my brown eyes- well whatever color my eyes are now.

"You're half vampire and half werewolf." He answered. I'm both monsters! Why did this happen to me? I quickly got up. I was angry. They had taken me away from my mom and sister. They turned me into a monster! I would never be able to see my family again.

"Why did you do this to me?" I asked, sitting back down on the bed. I put my head in my lap.

"We've been looking for you for hundreds of years. There was a prophecy and it talked about a girl who would rule a pack and a clan. It said that this girl would have the most powers of any creature." I heard a man say. He talked gently. I could tell that he was a werewolf.

"Why did you pick me?" I needed answers- I deserved them.

"We've searched and searched, but never finding you. When we first caught smell of your scent we knew you were the girl in the prophecy." Raven said. I nodded my head.

"I don't see what's so special about her." I'm getting really annoyed with this girl.

"She's special, Zaphara." Shade said. I looked down at my hands. They weren't as bad as I thought they'd be. I don't like Zaphara though.

"Well, I'm glad you think that." Zaphara said sarcastically. "I hope you have fun ruining everything, Rome." She said and stormed off.

"She's such a drama queen." Pandora said. "Don't listen to her. She's just jealous because she's not head of the clan." I nodded my head. Zaphara's right though, I'm not special. I didn't have any talents when I was human, why would I have them now?

"I'm sure you're hungry." Shade said. I noticed that my throat was burning. I was hungry, not for food, but for blood. It disgusted me. I was going to kill an innocent human. "C'mon, Rome," he said gesturing his head to the door.

I got up and followed him.

End Flashback

I'm a lot different now. I'm not as scared anymore. I'm powerful and I couldn't be happier. The real Rome tries to get out, but I won't let her. I'm the new her and she needs to accept that.







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