Rome was a normal girl who lived in a village, that was until she was cursed by a prophecy.


8. Chapter Eight

I want to visit Nathaniel, but decide against it. He made it perfectly clear that he doesn't want to see me. I really can't blame him though.

I walk to my room and open the door. Sitting on my bed is the last person I though I'd see in here. I closed the door and stayed there.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders. He got off the bed and walked over to me.

"I guess I couldn't stay away. I know that I said we should, but I can't." My heart fluttered. I want to say something, but I can't find my voice. "I probably wasn't the nicest when I said that. I know I hurt you." I nodded my head. His brown eyes were sad.

"You were right though. It's going to be near impossible for us to be together when Luna has her own mate. I need to start focusing on other things besides romance drama. I don't want to stay away from you, but it's not up to me." I told Nathaniel. His expression held sadness and pain. I'm sure my expression mirrored his.

"You're not the only one cursed by the prophecy." I furrowed my eyebrows. "We're all cursed you just have it the worst." I bit my lip, thinking.

"We were all normal before this curse?" He nodded his head. It makes sense though. I just hate that I was the cause of them getting cursed.

"We were the first ones to be turned into monsters. And then a couple years later we found you. That's how the curse played out." I nodded my head.

At least Nate told me. Shade always kept things from me. That's why we can't be together. That's why Shade and Luna are mates.

"I wish I could be with you." I said, truthfully. I miss him. Then I thought of something. "Wait, you said you guys were human before the curse. How did you change?" I asked him. I needed answers and I knew he wouldn't lie to me.

"Well, I guess I should say the vampires are the ones who are cursed. If you're a werewolf you're born one. The same goes for vampires...sometimes." I nodded my head for him to go on. "My sister and I went our whole lives not knowing what we were. Our parents were human. When we turned sixteen we shifted and were kicked out of the house." He looked sad. I grabbed his hand trying to make him feel better. He smiled at me.

"Pandora and her brother were humans until one day a clan of wild vampires bit them." He shook his head, saddened. "Shade turned dark immediately. Pandora didn't really change.

"Somehow we were all brought together by the moon goddess. She told us the prophecy. We had been looking for you ever since then. When Shade found you that day he was happy for once. It was strange."

"Is there a reason that we're all cursed?" He shrugged his shoulders.

"The only person who knows is Shade. The moon goddess told him something in secret. He's kept it to himself all this time." I nodded my head. The moon goddess obviously told Shade something about the prophecy that the others couldn't see. But what would that be?

"Thank you, Nate." He nodded his head. I shocked the both of us by crashing my lips to his. I pulled away and he rested his forehead on mine.

"I want to be with you so much." He said. I nodded my head, agreeing with him. Other mates don't have this problem. They can be with each other without having to worry unless their mate is going to war or something. I want that. Why couldn't my life be simple? Why did it have to torment me?

"We'll be together someday." I said, quietly. I hope I'm right, for my sake and Luna's. She wants to be with Shade and I want to be with Nathaniel.

"I hope you're right, Rome." He said to me. I have to break the curse. Not just for myself, but for everybody else who is effected by it. I just wish I knew how....

Nathaniel pecked me on the lips and left my room.

There's a way to break the curse. There's a way to get Luna back to herself. There's a way for everyone to be happy again. But it's all up to me to figure it out. And I don't think I can. I'm powerless against this curse. But I do know one thing I can't keep waiting around for the curse to just go away. It's clear that it won't. It's clear that I must do something. It's just unclear what that something is.

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